When the end becomes the beginning

Catherine Tamara Oyewole

I woke up this morning with a mood I didn’t quite understand. I was so troubled and wondered what the trouble was. I suddenly realized that the need to retreat to a quiet corner and reminisce for a while. The ideas that followed, all penned down, was simply more than I could imagine.

The beginning of this year was simply amazing. For January 2020 was a month of abundance.  I had more than enough. In that particular month People refer to as a long month, I had enough to eat and spare seeing I entered the year prepared. I’ve I accomplished all I penned down? No! Can they be achieved? Yes!

The year 2020 that brought in its wake lot of abnormality, is suddenly coming to an end, but it can be a year that produces a “new beginning”

Back to the drawing board! All builders take a cue from a drawn design called The House plan. It is time to retreat. The best time to plan is when others are distracted with celebrations and you are not in their agenda. This is the right time to retreat. Right time to birth ideas. The new year should not take you unawares. If you fail to plan, you are definitely opening yourself up to whatever comes your way, which might be good or bad.

Strategizing from an end point! One thing that comes to mind is; the end of a journey is not the end of one’s existence.

Failure in a calendar year, doesn’t mean the next year will take same shape. It is however another opportunity to make things better.

Strategizing is a deliberate approach in making things better. One will want to know.

• Were my plans for 2020 achieved?

• What were the hindrances and mistakes that contributed to my not achieving my goals?

• I’m I prepared for the next year?

• Can the unachieved goals be moved to the next year?

• What are the steps I need to make in achieving my goals next year irrespective of any unforseen or contingent events?

• What are the things and People to avoid?

The above and many more are questions we need to ask in readiness for the year ahead.

Failure is not an end, but could be one of the highlights enroute to success.

Take a break from the crowd, reprogram yourself in order not to be taken unawares by another year. The end of 2020, is only an indication that something good is about to happen. See the end of this year as a new beginning to greater years ahead!

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