Pot of Gold

Catherine Oyewole

Maureen was an employee with Mika group of companies. She was an industrious young lady. After three years of having a steady income, she could boast of wealth which she kept sealed in a pot. To accumulate this funds was not difficult at all, as she had side businesses she managed aside her white collar job.

One day, she opened her safe, brought out her specially made pot, it was full of all her savings, and it suddenly dawned on her.

I have arrived Maureen screamed. I am made!

Spending became the new action for her. She became a free giver. She was popular with donations, giving funds to anyone who approached her with a want. She was simply: so helpful.

After a week, she accessed her pot and said, it’s still almost full, I am rich. She gained respect and recognition. She was everyone’s favourite.

Suddenly, she had just two notes left. It dawned on her that are days of relevance were over.

There was a sound coming from her living room and she realised it was the sound of her doorbell.

She opened the door to her colleague who came to ask for help. His children could not return to school on Monday as they were yet to pay school fees. John her colleague appreciated her for previous assistance, mentioning how everyone respected her for her kindness. She was so touched that she stood up, went back to her Pot, giving the two notes she had left which was adequate to pay the fees of the children.

John appreciated her and left.

Maureen realised her position, it was bearly the end of the month. Payday was still three weeks to go. She had neglected her other businesses as she was too busy showing off her wealth.

She began to loose her value as she could not keep up with her giving. People started making comment: Jane has changed, she is now very stingy. She tried explaining her inability to give, but no explanation was good enough. She was tagged: stingy Jane.

She got home from work after a stressful day. She was emotionally drained. The tears rolled down her cheek. Where will she start from? Her security set aside for rainy days was gone. Her pot, totally empty. No one to rely on as friends she made, had all deserted her.

She learnt her lesson.

Never drain your Pot-  So many People are like Maureen. They have become professional spenders. All they are interested in: is spending what they have gathered as soon as they feel they have more than enough.

They spend for all the foolish reasons. Fame, Attention etc.

Remember spending recklessly is a habit that cannot be controlled as soon as you start. The vague attention you get is enough propeller to spend more. Showing off wealth will take you to the top and only keep you there if it’s still available.

Diversify your Security- When your “Pot” becomes full, it is time to spread your risk. Money is a messenger and will only go where you send it!

Let your money work for you. There are various investment instrument to use in diversifying your security.

Never be a careless investor.

For you to be successful, there is need to diversify your investment to maintain additional security.

Save some more- Never stop at filling a pot, more can be filled. There is never too much savings, but spending too much.

Don’t be carried away with your current financial status. Seek to increase what you have.

Can your current status be enough to take care of you in years to come in our current evolving economy?

When inflation sets in, will your savings still maintain its value?

Saving is not just limited to the known, but also for contingencies.

Never make money a Friendship medium- People who are meant to be your friends, will only like you for who you are.

Original People will only attract original friends and vice versa.

Relationship bought with money will only last as long as the funds are there. That friend was bought with money and must be maintained using that medium. Wisdom is paramount!

Never leave your Funds static- Money grows, but not on trees. They grow through different mediums.

  • Invest to get some more.
  • Invest for continuity
  • Invest for security
  • Invest to maintain a chosen lifestyle.
  • Invest for contingencies
  • Invest in your tomorrow.

Your life is as secured as the value placed on your Pot of gold!

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