Festive Seasons and Reasons

Catherine Tamara Oyewole

There is a reason for every season other than the main context attached to it.

The reason for every season is the importance you give to that season.

For some people, festive seasons are for celebration, no matter the context of the festivity. It is a time to spend on delicacies, clothes, visit fun filled public places and maybe throw a party the Yoruba’s refer to as “Owambe”

To others, it a time to rest. Have some sleep as if they had not slept “all their lives”.

They maybe want to add back weight they had lost to stress and the usual hustle and bustling of trying to earn a living.

To the wise, while others are engaged in celebration, or resting alone, it is a time to retrospect and plan some more.

Retrospecting is a deliberate act in rating how your past actions have affected your present. Actions are weighed, mistakes noted, successes itemized to help plan for tomorrow.

For you to be successful, you need to identify similar mistakes when they come your way. If you have made a particular mistake before, prepare your mind to avoid it when it shows up again.

Planning is a lifestyle we all need to cultivate. It saves a lot of stress, advert mistakes/ failures, help you manage time and resources in achieving positive result.

Time spent in planning is never wasted. It is a productive exercise that must be carried out.

It is extremely wrong to start a venture or enter a new phase without planning if you must succeed. 2020 is gone, a new year is about to begin. While others are busy just celebrating, take out time to plan to avoid giving your life to Probability.

Your life is not a gamble! Don’t give yourself to probability. Take out time, plan some more and take charge of 2021, so it will indeed be “A Happy New Year!

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