Building a career with walls

Catherine Tamara Oyewole

I graduated from the university in 2002, worked for a while, went to FRCN in 2006 where I learnt the art/act of Presentation. I had an opportunity to work with the media after my 2 weeks attachment to a radio house, but didn’t, even after I became familiar with some known faces in the industry who encouraged me to give it my best shot.

I went back to work as a marketer where I did lots of presentations until I became an acting unit head where I mastered the act of closing out on sales through good presentation.

I left marketing and found myself as a Customer Experience officer where speaking to and addressing clients’ issues is a priority. I have anchored training events, managed other activities relating to my Team in this short while and I have never been afraid to start or not surprised when everything I did had an angle of presenting in it.

I love to write, speak on podiums/platforms, teach and mentor people whether directly or indirectly, while working on new ideas and innovations for business. Doing this is a true representation of the woman I am and the woman I have become. It is time to build walls.

Walls are solidifiers to building projects, giving it a perfect shape, required look and proper finishing. They are also viewed as barricades and some sort of defence protecting whatever is behind those walls.

Are you accepting whatever life brings your way, are you in the wrong career that leaves you at a spot for so long or are you content with your present position which allows you a monthly wage without securing your future? Then it is time to Build your walls.

A – Ask

I – Identify

D – Decide

S – Solidify

Ask yourself the right questions- Are you in the right profession? Does your current career align with your purpose in life, do you struggle to give your best or do you do your job with ease?

So many people are doing the wrong job, working in the wrong places, all in a bid to survive. It is not a surprise that the years keep rolling by without any personal achievement. No growth of any kind. When you should have attained a position of leadership, you are still being led. Lots of people are gambling their lives away because they want to be viewed as the perfect “office boy or girl”. Are you fulfilled or trying to be accepted socially by limiting yourself to that job or limiting yourself to that career which does not give a true picture of “You”.

Identify the right career path! No matter how far you are gone. Your identity will find you, don’t ignore it.

No matter how far I move away from my path, my steps are always redirected to a career that promotes my purpose. I find myself constantly given task that are in line with having a media presence and leadership. You can never run away from your shadow, so don’t try. Have you ever wondered why you are tagged with responsibilities that soothe your personality? No matter how far you go, your destiny will keep knocking. Don’t delay it. Identify that one thing that keeps coming along your path. Your chosen career should have a link to your purpose in life.

Decide to build- One thing most people fear, is to start again. It is never too late to start. Once you discover you are in the wrong career, it is never too late to start afresh. When you begin to do the right thing, only then will your purpose be revealed. I have seen actors, singers, business men, speakers who identified their career path well into their adult age and today their accomplishments goes to show that finding and being in the right career, pays off eventually.

Start building, one brick on another, step by step till you find your purpose in life.

Solidify your walls! To have a career with walls is to be the best at what you do. Be that person that society cannot do without. Be that person that no matter how trends change, you will still be standing. Get certified. Add to your learning process. Add to your accomplishment. When others are failing, let those walls you have built, begin to speak for you.

Let your career lead you to your purpose in life and not take you away from it.

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