6 Reasons Why We Are Excited About The FirstBank Digital Lab Launch!

As earlier reported by Stockswatch, FirstBank is set to Launch an Innovation Lab on Thursday, July 5th, 2018 and here is why we are excited:

1) It’s located in ‘Yabacon Valley’! Yaba area of Lagos is a leading hub for high-tech innovation and development.

2) It’s a FirstBank lab! FirstBank has been around for about 124 years. This means 124 years of driving Innovation.

3) A new wave of better, faster and more efficient banking is about to be birthed!

4) We are excited to meet the new generation of FirstBank FinTech geeks! FirstBank has engaged young, creative and tech-savvy staff for the lab.

5) We are excited to see how FirstBank engages with the cluster technology startups in the area.

6) We get a FRONT ROW SEAT at the launch event!!!

FirstBank over the years has led the Nigerian financial service industry through the delivery of excellent financial services and this has always served as a reassurance to its esteemed customers that their interest remains the core of its business.

Join the FirstBank innovation train using the hashtags: #FirstBankDigitalLab #FirstBankisDigital

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