When Will You Stop Sweating the Small Stuff? (2)


Ogbo Awoke Ogbo

The snag is that millions of people type in the small stuff at the command prompt of the universe. Like Martha, they specialize on small stuff. Someone told me that he has the talent of getting tired for doing nothing.

Married person reading this, have you ever had a very difficult exchange with your spouse? When you step back and take a look, most spousal arguments are pivoted on the Martha kind of stuff. Many marriages fall apart over such small stuff as leaving the toothpaste tube uncovered after use or misplacing the car key.

I heard about a marriage that ended after an argument about the green snake. Husband said the green snake was harmless. Wife said a snake is a snake. She couldn’t back down. He couldn’t back down. They packed up. Was it the snake’s fault?

Days after the exhausting conversation with my friend, the Holy Spirit dropped the title of Richard Colson’s book into my spirit: “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff . . Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life.” The healing effect was dramatic and instant!

The matters in the contention were so small compared to the far reaching dreams and possibilities of my life!

Human relationships are tough. It’s easier to work with machines than people. On Saturday, I watched NatGeo’s documentary on Einstein. It was phenomenal! Einstein conquered the laws of the universe but could not fathom his wife. His marriage collapsed irretrievably.

Human relationships require extreme patience and fortitude. But this magical tool works! I wear a small stuff filter. I ask myself, “Is this a small or big stuff?” Try it today. Wear the filter!

I want to invest sweat in the big things e.g. Knowing and pleasing God,  Eternal life, Godly character. Those are big stuff.

Successful marriage. Good parenting of my children. Personal enfoldments. Discipline of good health. Entrepreneurship, financial success. Legacy. Advocating issues of justice and world poverty. Tackling the alarming male crisis and the neglect of the boy child. These are my big gigs.

Get rid of the small stuff people in your life! I have cut myself off from men and women of small stuff. My mastermind is strictly on big ticket items.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch soccer or attend the Glo Laffta Festival. All I’m saying is that if your education versus entertainment (EVE) ratio is less than 4, you’ll likely end up useless to the planet. Too much small stuff.

If you reinvest those 6 hours you spend everyday on entertainment and social media doodling in a specific big stuff, the world will hear about you in approximately two years. Take the bet!


Finally, I discovered that if I invest sweat on the big stuff, the small ones are automatically taken care of. Example, instead of quarreling with your wife about house-keeping money (small stuff), invest on achieving ETHICAL financial success (big stuff) – and you will automatically eliminate money quarrels in the home. Trading words and blows is small stuff.

Like Martha, what small stuff are you sweating?

Like Mary at the feet of Jesus, what big ideas are you currently pouring your energy and time in?

I love you! Be healthy, wealthy and wise!



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