In 2018, Grow Or Die! (2)

Ogbo Awoke Ogbo.

continue from last week

  1. Quit being penny wise and pound foolish and invest in a coach this year. I spent nearly 33% of my income in 2017 on private coaching and a paid mastermind group. Investing in a good coach would be the single most important investment decision in your life. I can’t explain it to you. If I had three secrets in life, engaging coaches and mentors is the second. The concept of coaching is lifted straight from the Bible.


  1. Quit trying to please everybody – you can’t! For goodness’ sake, stop caring too much about what people think or say about you! If people don’t attack you and call you names, chances are that you don’t weigh much.


Can you believe that they called Jesus, of all names, Beelzebub – the prince of demons! They also called Him a glutton and “wine bibber!” (See Matthew 11:19). The called Him “friend of sinners,” – – in today’s slang, “husband of prostitutes!”

So, just because a relevance-starved, popularity-seeking young man comes to my Facebook wall and calls me ‘sentimental’ … that I am “a believer when I teach the Bible and tribal when I want to comment” you think I’d give a hoot? In the scale of what they called Christ, his was a compliment!

Incidentally, I was listening to Tony Robbins yesterday. Surprisingly, he also has his lion share of bitter words from, according to him, “people who feel insignificant and don’t have the guts to say it to your face but the Internet has given them the safe distance.” He concluded, “Opinion is a dime a dozen… I care but I don’t care enough to change what I’m doing.” Go, my brother Tony!

For the umpteenth time, friends, I do not care, not even about the positive comments. People cry, “Ogbo for President,” “Ogbo is a blessing to this generation,” “If only we had people like you in government,” “if only Africa will have more people like Ogbo…” Na lie! You’re human as I am.

They did exactly the same thing to Christ. They cried, “Jesus for President!” “Jesus for King!” They wanted to force the office of President on Him. But He slipped away. Before you think I’m faking the story, read it for yourself in John 6:15! They wanted to force Him to be King! What a tragedy that would have been for the human race!

Beware when the crowd loves everything you do! Young people would cry, beg, dance nude or even die to get Instagram follows!


May I share one Scripture that freed me from the trappings of popularity and the praise of men? It’s John 2:24-25!

It says: “But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men, and needed not that any should testify of man: for he knew what was in man.” If you knew human nature like Jesus did, you’d be very indifferent about social media ‘likes’ and ‘loves.’

One day you love me because I’ve written a destiny shifting inspirational for you. The next you hate me and call me tribal for chomping at the satanic substructures of the colonial fraud called Nigeria, which must fall to give rise to the nation(s) “where peace and justice shall reign.” So, why give an inch deep thought about what you say or think about me?

If I were you, I’d quit the craving to be popular in 2018 and focus on being purposeful. That craving for popularity and acclaim without substance has wrecked many young lives and made others bitter with envy.

Well, it wasn’t really about me. I was just ‘flexing.’ If you’d make these four basic shifts, I can confidently say to you, “Happy New Year!”

I love you unconditionally (because God gives me the grace to do so). In 2018, be healthy, wealthy and wise!



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