Income Generating Adventures Kids and Youths Can Attempt with Little or No Capital

Life is designed to be lived in stages. One stage sets the pace for the next. If you are in your 20s, your foundation at younger age bracket as a kid would apparently have set the events of your current status. You reserve to build on it, break off or stay the way you are for the rest of your life. Do you know you can actually begin the creation of your future even now? I mean right away? It’s all in your hands, your decisions. You can make up your mind to build a global enterprise starting from now. You may also choose to commence the planning on where to seek employment as a worker. Whatever your decisions; please note that your future actually started yesterday.

I need to let you know that your ability to generate income early in life is sure way of making you emerge a successful adult because habits hardly die. There are some of these ventures that you could still engage into old age and as a matter of fact, till death.

Here are investments and businesses you can start now and grow into the future.

  1. INVESTING IN STOCKS: This is one of the easiest investment channels that can ever be available to the kids and youth. Its affordability and timelessness are the attractions. Besides, it gives room for free entry and exit. By timelessness, I mean an investment that can be undertaken to any age. It however would require the technical knowhow for the best returns. This technical knowhow comes gradually along the line. To start, get a mentor, attend free seminars and other trainings on the stock market and read STOCKSWATCH every week. Your mentor should be able to guide on the risks, market seasons, and types of stocks to start with amount at intervals. Further attraction in knowing about the stock market early is the fact that you can straight from school sit for the chartered institute of Stockbrokers professional examination and subsequently become a chartered Stockbroker. Guess what? The numbers of Stockbrokers are few while the stock market keeps growing. There is still room enough to accommodate you.


Investment in stocks can be a lifelong activity. The older you become, the better for you.


  1. EDUCATION: Depending on your age bracket, there are various opportunities here ranging from writing short stories, to home tutoring or extra moral classes and developing learning manuals of popular subjects like Mathematics and English language. Putting together short stories for nursery and primary school pupils can be fun but lots of money if properly packaged and marketed. Past WAEC and JAMB questions and answers can fetch lots of money. Incidentally, this is an area where many old writers had left to suffer. If you are proficient enough, why not? Do you know you can start an entire school from just organising tutorial classes?


  1. ENTERTAINMENT: You sure love to watch Harry Porter and such other movies but who says you can’t be the first kid film writer in Nigeria? Don’t just watch movies but rather, let those movies form ideas you could make use to make life better. This you can begin to put into practise in your literary debating and related societies in your school. Do you know you can form drama group as students and make some money? You can also form dance groups as students and make some money. We have seen kid actors, why not you also?

What about kid musician? You should do beyond just listening to songs of adult Actors and Actresses; you can develop yours as kids and let your parents and school teachers help develop and promote it.


There are more to further discuss but until next week. Good luck.


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