Catching your fancy early to be successful in adulthood

Being young is such a privilege as much as it is an opportunity but relative to discoveries and actions taken promptly. We live in a daily changing world. The world we also live in belongs to the youth, not just the ordinary youth though but the high flying youth who will endeavour to cultivate the success habits in earnest.

From ages past till date, stretching into eternity; from historical and contemporary records of successful people, it is deducible that young people, who endeavoured to build the success habits early do emerge as a success faster and better than older people.

This is so because young people are much more predisposed to and can cope with the rigours of learning and acting faster than the adults. For example, it has been proven that a child has the capabilities to learn, understand and speak five languages while growing up. The tendency however reduces, growing into adulthood. In terms of action, consider most sporting activities and what you see is the fact that young men and women can engage in sporting activities as gainful profession while the adults can merely engage in such to keep body and soul moving. Let’s see examples of a few successful people in history.

Bill Gates remains the richest man on earth till date having first attained to that height in life at age forty. Biography of Bill Gates shows us that his interest in computer started at age thirteen and by age twenty, he had started Microsoft. The late Steve Jobs was another highly successful individual, from history; we learnt that he built his first computer at age twenty six. He had five years earlier, picked interest in computer and as a matter of fact went all over the places gathering wires and broken computer parts in an attempt to put together a system. Steve Jobs ruled his industry before his demise.

In our fast paced world, there are only two options left to you as a youth; the first is to develop early, habits of kids and youths that will be highly successful and you go ahead to become successful in life or you end up a nonentity with the only option of serving people that are far younger than you or even your mates, either in age or academic status. Let’s go back into history.

David wasn’t a king but a ruddy youth when he killed Goliath and ended the shame of a nation. Goliath himself had the records of having been a warrior from his youth and so at adult, he only became the fearful sole army of his nation. David’s son, Solomon was a mere kid when he gave the fairest and wisest judgement in history. Jesus was young when he died for the sins of the universe. What are you waiting for? This is your time. Will you waste it? I’m sure you will not. What are the habits of kid and youths that will be highly successful?

CATCH YOUR FANCY EARLY: Truth is that traits of success do appear early in kids but are often neglected, destroyed or overlooked. In some cases, the traits are underrated perhaps because of non conformity to what the parent’s mindset is for the child.

From history, successful youths do discover their areas of interest early. David was to become the king to lead a people but his early interest was in the keeping and caring for animals. Before he-David was permitted to fight a giant, he did not just tell but also convinced King Saul of his abilities by demonstrating before the king, how that he had killed bears and lions with bare hands but why did he battle the deadly animals? Because he had to defend and protect his flock from being attacked. In other words, defending against dangerous attacks had always being his attitude. Bill Gates picked interest in computer at age thirteen and not in watching cartoon network on DSTV at age eighteen or Premier league matches at 25. Human system only becomes accustomed to usage. You can only grow in the areas of your fancy.
This is just the beginning. Let’s meet again next week as we take a look at the life of France’ new president Emmanuel macron.

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