How to Surpass Your Previous Performance

Hi Kids, I do sincerely hope that you are studying well enough even as you also take the time off to relax and sometimes play. Do always ensure a proportionate distribution of your time such that you don’t over indulge in any of the key assignments before you. Never defer your assignments, do group study when need be, be attentive in the classroom and also exercise your body to use up conserved energies by virtue of those sugar and related food you do like to consume. Be healthy.

People of your parents’ age group most probably lived by chances but you don’t. Though things are somewhat tough in our country but generally, life is a lot easier in your days than at any other time in history. In your days, information is such easily accessible. Just tap your finger and you are connected live to live events anywhere in the world. It was not so when your parents were your age. You sure are living in the days of greater opportunities; you can’t afford to be slack because, the ease at which information is distributed also enhances knowledge and in effect, competition. For all you know, though you were born and had lived in Nigeria all your life, you are in competition with a child of your age in China, America or any other part of the universe. The better if you could deploy technology to enhancing your personal value such that will position you for greater achievements in just few years from now. This could be in the areas of academics, finance or sports. Let me show you how best to achieve greatness without having to repeat the mistakes of the elders.


A mentor is simply an experienced achiever particularly in your own area of interest. In other words, you must develop an interest and passion on the path you intend to tow in life very early. This must be personal and does not necessarily need to be influenced by your parents but then; it could be influenced by your parents depending on who they are but in all, your personal interest comes first.

Please note that sex has got nothing to do with choosing a mentor. In other word, you might be a boy while your mentor is a woman and vice versa but choosing a mentor goes beyond the success level of the individual you have chosen. Your mentor must be credible, a fellow of impeccable character in such a way that the mention of his or her name will open doors to you. Have you heard of young kids misbehaving in the society? Check the interactions of such kids so, ensure you pick a mentor with good characters that you can emulate or learn from.

Your mentor must be trust worthy. I mean, he or she must be someone you can confide in, that will keep your secret a secret and not divulge your secrets or future plans to another. Your mentor must be a fellow that is sincere with you such that will not hold back any truth or secret that will need be shared with you at all times.

Your mentor must be experienced in the area of your interest. If for example, your desire is to operate in the capital market, I might just be in a position to mentor you. There are numerous others too that could easily fill in the gap. Do you desire to be a Banker? You might ask from your parents if they have a banker friend. It could be in Engineering, Entertainment and academics. You see, making mistakes is all a part of growing up but a mentor, who had passed through will be able to guide you such that your mistakes will be very few, if any. At that, success is not only guaranteed but will come with speed.

Your mentor must be accessible and not the super busy type. He or she must be so available to you such that you don’t need to go see him/her at all times. We are in the day of technology; your mentor should be such that you can reach on telephone, whatsApp, email and other means as often as possible.

In all, your mentor does not need to be a family member or even from your country. For example, you can pick Bill Gates of Microsoft as your mentor, it could also be Mike Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook or the former President of America, Barak Obama. All you need do is connect with such via the social media and start a relationship. Build on this and you will be surprised at where you will find yourself in the future.

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