Fundamental Tips for Healthy Living

Catherine Oyewole

Don’t care about what People say, the mouth is for talking and everyone will speak out what they are made of.  Always remember that anyone who tries to destroy you, will also be available to hail you when you succeed. Talking might be their hubby. Don’t be distracted.

Avoid competitions, the idea is not to use People as your benchmark. They are trying to get up there too, instead be busy chasing your dreams to avoid distractions and delays that comes with competing.

Flour is not yet bread until it goes through a process and becomes ready for consumption. Don’t give out the flour yet, it might be used for puff puff and your desire to make bread will never be achieved. In order words, talk less and work more. You are not a town crier.

Don’t break your egg before it hatches.

Celebrate other people’s successes. Your own will happen too.  Success has enough bed space for all. All you need to do is  prepare yoursself to “rest” later.

You don’t need everybody to succeed, you only need those attached to your story. Stop trying to please everyone, because when you get caught up in failure, they will watch you bleed and carry your cross alone.

While diligently working on another man’s farm, make good plans to have yours or face the consequence of someone working in your stead when you are considered no more fit for work.

Be joyful no matter the situation. No one wants to give sweet to a man who has mastered the act of bitterness. He might not know the value of sweetness.

Forget your will. It has not landed you anywhere. Focus on pleasing your creator, he will pay you well and take you to the level you ought to be.

There is dignity in labour. Don’t ever commonize yourself or what you do.

You are so blessed and favoured. Whatever you do becomes trending. You are a celebrity yourself. Appreciate your job, add style to it and do it well.

Lastly, if you succeed or not, the benefactor is You. So make the right choice today!

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