Three Elements of Value Sale

Bunmi Jembola

Sometimes you will pursue a deal with all your strength, offer the best price, demonstrate exemplary thresholds of value, project compelling value differentiation and then the prospect still does not buy.

As a sales man, once I do my very best, I leave you to make your choice and I’m cool whatever that is. Unusually, high expectations can do more than a poor appraisal. Sometimes people fall into depression for losing a deal.

Dear salesperson, please understand. You should try to close every deal. But not all deals will close. And there is nothing more you can do. Don’t kill yourself over any deal. If the customer can’t see the value your product has to offer, then he probably isn’t the right customer for your product. Just move on to the one that will appreciate and value your product better.

Sometimes, you should be strategic as power of connection gets you closer to closing the deal. We all have connection button somewhere. Getting more insight on your prospect can open the door widely than you expected. It might just be a football, political, etc. Getting closer brakes the barriers. One has to know when to pull such card smartly.

There is always the place of patience, if the deal is not closed today, it can be done tomorrow or another day. However, every salesperson must always rely on instincts as well understands the prospect body language. He or she may not be in a good mood or probably his financial commitment did not work out as planned. If you don’t close the sales today, book another appointment with the prospect until you get the deal closed. Only let go if he doesn’t have the resources or capacity.

If that happens, don’t stop, look for another prospect immediately. Do not always push your sales to the last day of month except if it is a balance to do from a client or sales from existing customers.

Elements of Value Sale

• Value Prospecting:
When you reach out to the customer your message should be clear on offering a compelling value proposition that solves a specific problem in the context of the specific client. Something general will not cut it.

• Value Follow-up:
Following up is difficult and frequently prospects push back when we follow up. Value follow-up means offering something beneficial each time we follow up. This could be a referral, a relevant business news item, a useful news letter or a congratulatory message or a piece of news. Whatever it is ensure it is relevant and indeed helps the prospect’s life and business.

• Value Closure:
Additional value to the customer always inspires the prospect to buy. A time-bound discount, a promotional opportunity or a valuable top management out-reach to specifically offer something new is always a great closure strategy.

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