Passion and the Path to success in business

Bunmi Jembola

A few years ago I was working with a bank that was not so popular among the Nigerian banking population. The bank didn’t look so appealing from the outside but it had a lot of substance on the inside. For me, at that time it had one of the most evolved digital banking platforms.
I was in the car with a few friends travelling Lagos to Ado-Ekiti; about 5hours journey. For the full length of that journey I engaged them in a heated but constructive argument about why my bank; even though seemingly unattractive was a much better bank in the Nigerian banking space both in service quality and digital platform evolution.

I didn’t win that argument. But they said something that touched me- “It is clear you are not just earning money. You like that company. You like what you do” I told this story again in my sales training few weeks ago. The day I stop liking the company I work for or my product, I plan my exit.

This is more fundamental for sales. You can’t succeed if you have no high level emotional attachment to your company and products. I wish I learned that truth early enough in my career.
Truth is that, if you do not love your product or service, I do not think you will be passionate enough to share it with the world. That love will help in building your confidence. The emotional attachment is applicable to sales force too, it will tell if you will make progressive success or not. Emotional attachment can make a lot happen and the opposite happens when the emotional state is negatively tampered with.

Beyond sales, same principle applies in all career paths. You cannot succeed at what you hate. For the love of your growth and success in your career, love what you do and do that passionately. Definitely, you have to be passionate about your job to succeed. You have to eat and drink it.
Bunmi Jembola
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