Stock Market Review: December 20, 2021

In this audio, the MD/CEO of Global View Capital Limited, Aruna Kebira with Ruth Ibikunle reviewed the stock market and the following were discussed:

  • What is driving the share prices of Meyer Plc, Royal Exchange and FTN Cocoa?
  • How far will the share price of MTN go?
  • The share price of Honeywell is trending down, how low can it get to?
  • How will share reconstruction and proposed rights issue impact Wema Bank?
  • The Board of FBNH has announced the resignation of Remi Babalola as the Board Chairman. Alhaji Ahmad Abdullahi has been appointed as the new Board chairman. What impact will this have on FBNH?
  • What are the possibilities for the week?
  • What sectors should investors look out for?
  • How come the improving inflation figure is not reflecting in reality on the people?
  • What is the impact of rising debt on our economy?

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