How to Reduce Valentine’s Day Spending

A lot of people have started thinking about what to give their significant other or partner. Some may have already bought their presents. Some may have made dinner reservations as early as January. One thing is for sure, that is, a lot of people will be spending more than what they can afford comes Valentine day. But it shouldn’t be the case. There are many ways to spend the day without breaking your bank.

Here are a couple of ways on how to spend Valentine’s Day without spending too much money.


Create your own version of a fancy meal

Thought of making reservations in one of those fancy restaurants and pay half of or full pay check in just one sitting? You may want to re-consider your thought.

You can go to high-end grocery stores to buy the ingredients you will need for cooking and buy some sparkling wines on the side. If you want a restaurant-feel ambiance, you can always get candles and just set up a nice table.

If you want to be below your budget, find recipes online with simple ingredients, and head to your favourite grocery stores to pick up the items.

The best part of creating your fancy meals is that you know exactly what the ingredients are and that you know you’re cooking for your loved one.

Your partner will likely be more appreciative because of the effort and time you put into such activities.


Customize your gifts.

Want to be on the budget and still give a gift that your partner will appreciate?

Try to customize your gift by creating picture collages, printing your best picture as couples and putting it on a frame, compiling videos of both of you together, and others. You can never go wrong with gifts that showcase your memories as long as they are good memories.


Personalize your Valentine’s Day card


Personalizing your Valentine’s Day card is one way to reduce Valentine’s Day spending. Ever given your significant other gifts on Valentine’s Day without including a card? Probably not, right?

Valentine cards have always been part of the gift giving tradition during Valentine’s Day. Instead of buying those fancy Hallmark and American Greeting cards, you can design and print your own card.

You can always customize your card to reflect what you really want to say to your partner. Do not worry if creativity is not your best skill.

You can always cut out pictures, write quotes that come directly from you or something you read. A personalized valentine card means more to a person than the Hallmark card you buy.

Just remember that personalized gifts are a fruit of labour and buying cards from the shelves is a fruit of convenience.


Bring entertainment


Entertainment doesn’t mean spending money on concerts or on movie theatres. You can stroll at the park and go to museums or art galleries that don’t charge any fee.

You can grab your favourite movies and watch them together at home. If you are a music lover and know how to play music or your partner knows how to, then, you can play music all night long.

There are countless ways of bringing entertainment. Just always remember that as long as you both celebrate Valentine’s Day together, you both will be happy.


Go on a group date.

Going on a group date is one way to reduce Valentine’s Day spending. If you and your loved one don’t mind going on group dates, then, do it. You can invite your friends and share the expenses on meals, among others.


You can also stay in one of your friends’ house, cook together, play games like charade or watch movies together.


The company, the fun, and the talk you and your friends will have won’t break your bank.


Regardless of what you both do or do not do, it is always best to remember that spending time together is the best thing to do during that special day.



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