No Romance without Finance!

Constance Olajide

Money play a vital role in giving contentment in a relationship. Men tend to feel a great sense of worth that comes with money while women tend to see money as a source of financial security and stability. There is a popular songs that goes thus “no romance without finance”. Financial crisis can harm even the strongest relationship. Statistics have it that most issues from home can be traced to finance. When parents are not financially buoyant to take care of their child, such child may end up in the street to find other means of survival and could be lured in to bad vices through peer pressure. The chain reaction will keep extending, and it will not be out of place to say that financial issues from home can translate to societal issue. A few tips below could help in making your family void of financial crisis:

Create a budget

You can create a financial plan such as a budget with your partner in order to manage monthly expenses and avoid money problems in future. Decide your income, then decide how much money you will want to assign for various purposes.

You both should always be aware how much money you are earning and what part of it is being spent and saved.

Be open to your spouse

You both together or one of you may be in debt when getting married. No matter who incurred it and how much the amount is, you have to make sure that you both together have decided on how you both will deal with it together.  It is extremely important that you both pay off the debt as soon as possible and make sure that you limit each other from taking any further loans and if you still find the need always discuss with your partner.

 Trust is a very important factor in marriage and breakage of it may lead to serious consequences. This trust is also needed when it comes to finances. Avoid financial infidelity at all costs. If your financial issues are not tackled immediately, it can also ruin your marriage.

Encourage regular discussions

You both together should go through the budget weekly to get yourselves aware how your money is being spent and if you’d want to make some changes to it. In this, you both will know about your financial situation and will make decisions keeping that in mind bringing you two on the same page and avoiding money issues in marriage.

Live within your means

Everyone loves lavishness, but nobody loves being broke. Being broke can strain your relationship and in order to avoid that always try to stay within the budget. And also whenever you are making a budget make sure that you can cover all your bills along with ensuring that you are saving some money every month.

Always discuss before making any large purchases

No partner should ever make a huge purchase without bringing their partners into confidence. In a healthy relationship, it is necessary for both partners to be comfortable enough to discuss and have equal contribution to the buying decision before making any major purchase.  Making decisions like these won’t just ease your financial burden but also bring you closer and strengthen your bond.

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