Olamide Orekunrin: Pioneer of Air Operated Emergency Medical Services in Nigeria

Wole Olajide

Olamide Orekunrin is a medical doctor and a healthcare entrepreneur. She is the founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria Limited. Flying doctors is West Africa’s first Air Ambulance Service Company.

The company provides emergency helicopter, airplane ambulance and evacuation services in Nigeria and some countries within the West African Sub-region.

Olamide was born in London, England and grew up under the care of foster parents in Lowestoft. A graduate of Hull York Medical School, Ola , became one of the youngest medical doctors in the United Kingdom at the age of 21. After graduation, Olamide worked for ten years with the National Health Service, United Kingdom.

As a helicopter pilot with specialised training in aviation medicine, she pioneered the first air operated Emergency Medical Services in Lagos, Nigeria.

Orekunrin was motivated to start healthcare business after experiencing the loss of her sister under difficult circumstances and to improve medical services in the Nigeria. Undaunted by difficult challenges, she successfully established Flying Doctors.

Ola is a member of both the American Academy of Aesthetic Surgeons and the British Medical Association. She was listed among Young Global leaders by World Economic Forum in 2013.

Flying Doctors have 20 aircraft and 44 doctors who can deliver care en route to one of Nigeria’s hospitals. The company hire out their services to major events in Nigeria as well as offering insurance to wealthy companies and families in the country. Orekunrin believes that improvements in Nigeria economy will result from the actions of entrepreneurs and not only the government.

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