How to plan early for retirement

Retirement beckons faster than we imagine. Open your eyes, close it again; retirement is at the door! What are you doing about it? Are you folding your arms saying God will provide? Or I will cross the bridge when I get there. That’s a risky move.

In this audio Mrs Bayode Tina, a retiree from the Lagos State Judiciary shared her experience with Ruth Ibikunle as regards retirement. The following key points are worthy of note:

  • Importance of planning early for retirement
  • Don’t follow the crowd. Go for only what you can afford
  • Live a convenient life with your pay so that you can save for retirement
  • Put up with what you can afford while in active service
  • Start your business gradually while in active service so that when you retire, you would have mastered it.
  • Live according to your earnings.

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