The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Warns Against Lack of Modern Farming Techniques

SThe FAO of United Nation has charged the African Government to embrace modern methods of farming otherwise, food security in the continent will remain threatened .
The Leader of the Mechanisation task team, Josef Kienzle, expressed that until the government adopt modern technologies of farming, the continent will continue to depend on food aid.
Speaking at the second conservation agriculture conference in Nairobi, he said, “There is need for a paradigm shift on intensive crop production since the current methods applied cannot meet the challenges of the new millennium,”
The FAO official noted that the use of crude implements and limited access to mechanization and inputs such as quality seeds and fertiliser is affecting agricultural productivity in the continent with high population growth
Kienzle stressed that the governments need to allocate funds towards the depraved fertile land, drain ground water, pest upsurges, eroded biodiversity, air, water and soil pollution and sustainable intensification to help boost production.
He stated that the continual decline in annual crop will result to an increase in undernourished people in the continent
He suggested the application of tools that give minimum mechanical soil disturbance, ensure permanent organic soil cover and diversification of soil crop species grown chronologically.
The FAO official cries out and advised that smallholder associations be formed, formalised and later institutionalised and connected to other institutions to help ensure information sharing.
“There is need to integrate sustainable mechanization in collaboration with the private sector to enhance productivity and profitability,” he said
Kienzle disclosed that majority of smallholders in Africa are women as a result of rural-urban migration which forced youths out of the farms to look for other means of livelihood.
He noted that coaching and mentorship programs have been organized by producers in business groups to assist people in the business.
Samuel Oluwatoyin

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