Pension funds hits N10.5tn

Data recently obtained from the National Pension Commission revealed that total assets under the Contributory Pension Scheme rose to N10.5 trillion as of the end of February 2020. This imply an increase of over N289 billion from N10.21 trillion as of the end of 2019.

About N7.09tn  of the funds had been invested in Federal Government Bonds, while N141.06bn had been invested in state governments’ securities.

A total of N662.29bn was invested in corporate debt securities, while N2.6bn and N1.6tn were invested in supra-national bonds and local money market securities.

The operators invested N7.8bn and N29.9bn in foreign money market securities and mutual funds, while N532.4bn and N65.04bn were invested in domestic ordinary shares and foreign ordinary shares respectively.

Another N219.7bn and N38.4bn were invested in real estate properties and private equity funds, while N47.3bn and N64.8bn were invested in infrastructure funds and cash and other assets respectively.


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