Trustfund advises retirees on healthy living


Trustfund Pensions Limited has advised retirees and pensioners to engage in various activities that will elongate their lives.
The pension fund administrator (PFA), gave the advice when it organized a medical outreach and fitness exercise for pensioners.
It encouraged them on the need to engage in various forms of physical exercise to ensure they stay fit and healthy; so that they would live long to enjoy their retirement and old age. 
Tagged: “Trustfund Pensions Limited Walk for Live for Customers and Retirees,” the pensioners were made to trek some distance, engage in light exercises and series of medical tests.
Speaking at the annual event, the Head of Customer Relationship Management, Emuesiri Oshodi, said the driving force behind the event is the commitment of Trustfund to its customers and retirees.
She pointed out that Trustfund is very committed to the welfare of its customers and retirees.
Oshodi said: “What we aim to do is to sensitize people that it is very important to walk, that when you engage in exercise, it elongates your life. We are trying to encourage our retirees to be active and not just stay at home without exercising their bodies.
According to her, most Nigerians do not like to engage in exercise, adding that as part of its social corporate responsibility, the PFA has decided to sensitize Nigerians on the importance of exercise.  Apart from the walk, she stated that there was health talk and medical check up on sugar level and high blood pressure of the participants.
She advised that retirees should at least engage in some exercise, adding, “My advice to them is that they shouldn’t think retirement is about choking them up and not being active. They can always exercise in the morning and evening.”

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