NITAD campaigns workplace reforms

The Nigerian Institute of Training and Development has said the forthcoming 26th edition of its Annual Trainers’ Conference will focus on the theme, ‘The Future of Work’.

According to the institute, the world of work is changing; a new wave of disruption is influencing traditional jobs, industries and business models; and the expectations of leaders are changing with an ever-increasing imperative to innovate and build dynamic challenges.

The Chairman of the Annual Trainers’ Conference, Mr Oluwaseyi Kuton, said tackling the challenges propelled NITAD to plan for the conference, with a view to responding effectively to the new global challenges through training, retraining, learning and development.

Kuton added that it would be a forum for professionals and practitioners to get together and brainstorm on strategies to handle the future of work and push for workplace transformation in Nigeria.

He said, “To be future-ready, companies need to embrace a new type of culture that empowers employees to find innovative ways to drive impact. The future of work provides a helpful road map to engage the workforce of a new generation.

“These cogent factors, among others, propelled NITAD to have ‘The Future of Work’ as the theme. It will afford us the opportunity to look ahead and conceive how all of us will work, how many of us will lead, and how organisations will transform in the face of these changes.

“Some of the activities people engage in these days as work did not exist years back. It is, therefore, pertinent to focus now on what the future of work will be for effective preparation and enhanced productivity.”

According to him, the special guest of honour at the conference, which holds between July 10 and 12, will be the Director-General, Industrial Training Fund, Mr Joseph Ari.

Kuton stated that speakers and panel discussants had been specially selected based on experience and exposure to the principles and practice of learning and training.

The Chairman, Governing Council, NITAD, Mrs Janet Jolaoso, said the conference would be of great benefit to all Nigerians “as the theme is addressing important issues in individuals and organisations.”

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