LASG assures property owners in Pen Cinema of prompt compensation

The Lagos State Government has allayed fears of property owners affected by removal of structures for the construction of the Pen Cinema Flyover, informing that they would be compensated in due course.

The state Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Abiola Anifowoshe on Monday said the government specifically debunked media reports suggesting that it was unnecessarily delaying compensation, saying those whose structures were demolished would be paid.

Anifowoshe said the State Government had already held a stakeholders’ meeting with the affected property owners during which the details of the flyover project were presented to the stakeholders.

According to Anifowose, “the stakeholders at the meeting welcomed the development and the Lagos State Government secured their buy-in. The government representatives at the meeting also urged the people to submit all relevant documents showing proof of ownership. Our officials served all the statutory notices and even gave more than enough time for the affected property owners to be aware of the removal. “Also, there were newspaper publications to that effect stating government’s intention and expectations from the people. As a matter of fact, many of such have been submitted to my office and the compensation process has commenced fully,”

The commissioner further said, “I want to use this opportunity to appeal to all residents of LSDPC in Agege that the Lagos State Government will compensate everyone involved and also to all other privately-owned property owners that the government understands their plight and is working tirelessly to ensure that those affected are compensated. By the time the Pen Cinema Flyover construction is completed, there will be traffic decongestion in the axis and this will enhance the socio-economic development of Agege and environs,”

The construction of the Pen Cinema Flyover Bridge is expected to last for 10 months.


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