How Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers, others revived the stock market

After the crash of the stock market in 2008, a lot of investors ran away from the market.

It was a very difficult period and almost discouraging. A lot of people lost their jobs as market was down. It took courage and determination by regulators and professional bodies to turn things around.

Fast forward till date, the market has evolved better and stronger than it used to be. The stock market has since resumed with great opportunities for you and I to recoup our investment.

In this audio, the immediate past Registrar and Chief Executive of Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers, Adedeji Ajadi with Abayomi Obabolujo gave in-depth insight on the Nigerian Capital Market.

  • How regulators and professional bodies revived the Nigerian capital market
  • The integrity of the market
  • Investment opportunities in the capital market
  • Career opportunities through CIS

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