Ghana remains the stock market to beat in Africa


Going by YtD performances of stock markets across the African continent, it is certain that the Ghanaian stock market remains most outstanding and indeed the market to beat in the continent. This is premised on the fact that Ghanaian equities market had consistently led all others. In January 2018, Ghana’ GSE Composite Index recorded a 19.28% growth. The nearest then in performance was Nigeria’ NSEASI with a monthly growth of 15.89% in January. While a number of markets across Africa which included the Nigerian stock market reclined in February as investors took profit, Ghana’ GSE Composite further added another 8.46%. Notably, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and South Africa recorded negative performances in the month of February. Ditto Botswana, Rwanda and Uganda.

The month of March so far so good however has shown more favour for Malawi’ MSE All share with a 5.60% growth while Ghana’ GSE Composite is currently down 2.71%. While the Nigerian NSEASI is down 0.38% so far in March, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Namibia are other markets in Africa that would need a measure of patronage to ensure positive close in March.


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