Fundamental Tips for Healthy Living- 2

Catherine Oyewole

The body is a reservoir of various deposits, maybe not in their original form, but in a converted form which is either detrimental or beneficial to the body.

Be intentional about your consumption. Not every meal though edible is good for you. Self- control is key.

In order to stay healthy, control what you eat per time and develop enough moderation to take more of natural food and drinks that will impact the body positively. “Health is wealth”

Exercise again and again

The body as a natural engine needs to be serviced to maintain agility. Most times, body pains are attributed to the tightening of muscles that prevents proper circulation of blood.

Don’t start off the day without a warm up, which ever exercise you choose. It could be as simple as taking a walk, or dancing to your favorite song. Do it to have and maintain flexibility. You don’t want to be carried around when you get older.

Take out time to rest, have a nap or sleep

Don’t be an all-round the clock worker. Take out time to relieve yourself of stress, recuperate so you can give your best in another dimension.

Never give your rest time to people. Remember, they will be quick to replace you immediately you are worn out from their constant usage. Master the act of being visible and then invisible if you must live long and stay relevant.

Free up negative emotions as best as you can

Learn to forgive even ahead of offenses. You don’t want to be bothered with issues that have no alignment to your vision. You suffer more from distractions, limitations and health issues nursing the wrong emotion.

Also, remember that everything or anyone that successfully takes control of your emotions, indirectly becomes your master. You have unknowingly placed them in charge of your thought process and actions.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to building and maintaining capacity.

 Choose to do the right thing to get the right result.

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