Ecobank Provides Wealth Planning and Management Services to Customers

Ecobank Securities, Wealth & Asset Management (SWAM), an arm of Ecobank Capital has reaffirmed the bank’s determination to help its customers create, preserve and spread their wealth for themselves and successive generation. The bank offered additional products on wealth management during the SWAM breakfast session for customers in Lagos.

Addressing the customers, Managing Director, Ecobank Development Company (EDC) Fund Management, Ecobank Capital, Ibukun Oyedeji, said the bank is committed to helping its customers maximize their wealth. Oyedeji who is also Country Manager, SWAM said Nigerians are good at making money and creating wealth, but lacked the ability to sustain the wealth, and pass it to the next generation. She revealed that Nigeria has over 12,000 high net worth individuals; this is only second to South Africa. She therefore encouraged Nigerian to embrace wealth creation, preservation as a way of life for every citizen.

She said SWAM’s goal is to help its customers to plan their future and their wealth, saying: “As a bank, we think of how we can guide our premium customers to make sure that the wealth that they have created, actually adds value to them, and goes to their next generation and their children’s generation. “We believe that offshore investment and partnership will help in making this a reality, which is one of the reasons we have partnered with Nedbank because Nedbank brings in that offshore balance into your wealth portfolio. “Investing funds in one currency is risky, so Nedbank’s partnership gives access to large pool of funds globally so that one can spread his or her investments all over the world in different currencies,” Oyedeji added.

Also speaking, Ecobank Nigeria’s Executive  Director, Consumer Banking, Mrs. Carol Oyedeji stressed that there are enormous benefits associated with diversified investments portfolios being offered by Ecobank and Securities, Wealth & Asset Management (SWAM), an arm of Ecobank Capital . Mrs. Oyedeji, reiterated that the event was targeted to appreciate and update customers on the additional product offerings and innovative service delivery the bank has introduced for wealth creation.


In her word “with this session we tried as much as possible to enlighten our customers as to how they can focus on really preserving their wealth, and most importantly see their Relationship Manager in Ecobank as a one-stop shop, to give them access to types of investment as possible. When people are wealthy, they need to find a way to spread their wealth in different perspectives to help not just preserving but preventing shocks from attacking their wealth.”



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