Babington-Ashaye emphasize importance of women in economic activities

The 48th President and Chairman of Council, Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) has emphasized the importance and increasing role of women in corporate and economic driven activities, stating that it is helping to complement their core role as wife and mothers in the family.

She said this has become very critical when you consider the dynamics of the society and the need for more economic powers to achieve stability in the home, while also calling for more investments in girl–child education.

Babington-Ashaye made the remark at the Women Ignite the Power (WIP) Seminar held in Lagos where she was the chairman. “The dynamics have changed. And so the women must wake up to the reality that there is nothing wrong in being economically independent and ambitious.

‘‘There is nothing wrong in making a career in addition to managing your home. You can combine both successfully and stand out in the crowd. Indeed, God created a woman as amulti-talented specie so that she can play her various roles satisfactorily and effectively.”

According to her, there is nothing wrong for a successful woman to financially contribute to the building of her home/family. This is one of the best ways to secure the trust, support and enjoy the love of their husbands. Where this rule is observed, the family and home will be not only at peace, the woman would be able to strive for greater professional fulfillment outside the home. In my view, if you succeed at home, you will certainly succeed in the corporate world.

“Accordingly, the woman must constantly demonstrate expertise, diligence and integrity to earn her position on merit in Insurance, Accounting, Banking, Medicine, law, broadcasting and other disciplines. Anything short of this is unacceptable. As a woman, do not courts favor?  Strive to earn your position through dint of hard work and the world will celebrate you.”

Babington-Ashaye further stated that the key to this is education and investment in the girl child which is an investment in the future of the nation because of the long-term impact of this on society. “For the uneducated adult woman, economic empowerment opportunities should be provided. For working young mothers, there is the need to make the working hours flexible such that their career path is not affected.”

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