Access Holdings Plc announces its Board composition

Further to the listing of Access Holding Plc with the ticker “ACCESSCORP” on the Nigerian Exchange as the parent entity of Access Bank Plc and related group companies, the Board of Access Holdings has announced its composition to the investing public.

The Board of Access Holding Plc appointed the following:

  • Bababode Olukayode Osunkoya as the Chairman and Independent Non- Executive Director
  • Herbert Wigwe as the Group Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer
  • Abubakar Aribidesi Jimoh as Independent Non- Executive Director
  • Fatimah Bintah Bello- Ismail as Independent Non- Executive Director
  • Ojinika Nkechinyelu Olaghere as Non- Executive Director
  • Olusegun Babalola Ogbonnewo as Non- Executive Director
  • Roosevelt Ogbonna as Non- Executive Director
  • Oluseyi Kumapayi as Non- Executive Director
  • Bolaji Olaitan Agbede as Executive Director

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