5 Ways to Help You Create a Life You Love in 2018- Lekeshia Ekeigwe

Many people find this time of year exciting because every New Year is a defining moment of transition. They believe they will leave behind the prior 365 days with its highs and lows; joys and pains; successes and failures. They believe they will, in a sense, have the opportunity to change their lives and begin again.


The truth is, however, that changing things about your life doesn’t happen all at once, on a particular day of the year. Changing your life in a way that allows you to shed beliefs, behaviours, and mindsets that are not working for you take awareness, commitment, and time. Over the years, I have found that many women want to make the following life changes:

  • They want to have work that is intellectually stimulating and in alignment with their core values; they want their intelligence and skill set to be dignified, respected and utilized to its fullest potential; and they want to work reasonable hours so they can enjoy their personal life more.
  • They want to change their money story, including earning a higher salary or charging higher, competitive fees and rates; they want to be debt-free, including pay off student loan debt; they want the freedom that comes with being financially secure and stable.
  • They want to experience a happy, healthy love relationship.

Do any of those life changes resonate with you? If so, the process of achieving these occurs with awareness, commitment and time because we are either being or becoming. We tend to exist from a place fully immersed in being who we currently are or becoming the person we want to be.


If you want to become a happier, more expanded version of yourself this year, here are 5 Ways to Help You Create a Life You Love in 2018:


  1. Perhaps, as a professional, you may have spent a significant part of your life becoming one. You have done the incredibly hard work required to become one. The person you areand the qualities you possess got you here. Now, regularly take time to be more of you. Not the professional you are, the person you are. The fun you, the creative you, the adventurous  Take time out for travel, art, and music. Do more of what you love to do. The interesting thing is that becoming more deeply connected to who you are as a person will actually improve the work you do.  (The Secret to Living Authentically.)


  1. Understand on a deep level that your work can never validate your value and worth. You were born worthy of living a loving, happy and fulfilling life and your career can never love you. Don’t allow your happiness to result primarily from what you accomplish professionally but instead, allow it to stem from who you are as a person. Cultivate the habit of being happy. (Stop Negotiating Your Happiness.)



  1. Learn to communicate from your heart. Your feelings will not always seem logical. But to communicate from your heart, you must allow the emotions of how you are feeling to possess an inner voice that is as valued and highly regarded as your logical voice.  This can be a challenge for professionals who tend to stick to the facts. Emotions are not facts, they are feelings. And as a human being, you are an emotional being. Your emotions matter and learning how to express them in a thoughtful, non-contentious manner will positively change your relationships and your life. (I Don’t Like the Way You Talk to Me.)


  1. Understand that your femininity is your superpower. Though the nature of your work may be aggressive, contentious and adversarial, learn to regularly shift out of that mode and to embody whatever honours the most feminine aspect of who you are. Intentionally connect to your feminine you daily. It will change your life! (The Secret to Being Powerful.)



  1. Make self-care your priority. Do this immediately. Self-care can include a number of things – ensuring your meals are healthful and nourishing; getting enough sleep daily; limiting overwork and exhaustion; a regular exercise routine; quiet time; a long leisurely walk; enjoying downtime with family and friends, binge-watching your favorite series. If resting doesn’t come naturally to you, learnhow to do so. Schedule time to rest and relax. Please do not allow the diagnosis of an illness to force you to slow down and take time for your life. (Are You Sitting Down.)


Do you need support in creating a life you love? I can help you clarify your personal and professional goals, discuss challenges and explore solutions. The process will help you create an action plan to take the next best steps to move your life forward. Feel free to email me confidentially at lakeshia@coachingattorneys.com


About Lakeshia Ekeigwe

Lakeshia facilitates deeply transformative coaching experiences for lawyers, law firms, corporations, universities and municipalities based on the principles of emotional intelligence, personal development, and self-awareness. She specializes in coaching and consulting women lawyers from a whole person perspective so they not only have successful careers but experience happy, thriving personal lives as well.

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