4 New Year Resolutions To Help Your Organization Succeed This Year (1)

Tanveer Naseer

With the first month of the year now at an end, many of us are fully back to our usual daily grind refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to dive into the tasks awaiting our attentions. The start of a new year is also a time when many of us make resolutions of what we’d like to accomplish over the next 365 days, and possibly beyond.

Granted, it’s only natural that we’d be motivated right now to create these lists of goals, as the start of a new year often inspires that feeling of a new start; that the turning to a fresh page instils hope for new opportunities and bright possibilities for our future. The buoyant positivity around this time of the year can certainly be quite beneficial as it encourages us to take time for some personal self-reflection, pushing us to define goals of what we’d like to change in ourselves, and what areas of knowledge and understanding we’d like to develop a greater awareness of.

Of course, in order for us to truly reap the benefits of this exercise, we need to review the events of the previous year; of taking note of what we endured, learned and gained from those past experiences which can serve as the foundation that we build upon as we move forward.

Another point to consider when developing these lists of goals is how the focus doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to ourselves. Indeed, the start of a new year is a perfect opportunity for leaders to evaluate how they can help their employees with achieving their professional goals for this year.

Now, before the cynic within all of us dismisses such notions as being the result of a euphoric haze that often comes with celebrating the arrival of a new year, let us consider one of the lessons we learned over the course of the previous one. Namely, how it’s becoming more evident that the troubled waters others find themselves in can cause ripples that hit our shores as well, even if there are no direct links between our industry or country and theirs.

If nothing else, one thing that was made clear last year was the growing complexity of interconnectedness and interdependency in today’s global market and with it, the importance of being able to see beyond our own pursuits to appreciate the context of the bigger picture. One of the best ways to navigate these new waters is by looking to your employees to help you anticipate and respond accordingly so that your organization doesn’t lose sight of your shared purpose.

With this in mind, here are four New Year’s resolutions leaders can and should make to ensure this year is a successful one for their team and organization.

  1. Provide resources to help your employees with their professional development:

Although there are no obvious signs that this year will bring forth better economic conditions, one of the best investments organizations can make this year is supporting the professional development of their employees. Such measures will not only make it clear to your employees that you’re paying attention to their needs, but you’re also giving them the opportunity to become more valuable members of your organization.

This will also go a long way in boosting employee engagement and reinforcing a sense of purpose in their roles, not to mention helping your organization to maintain or gain an edge in today’s increasingly competitive market… (To be continued next week)

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