How to Become a Landlord: Strategic Approach for Youths (1)

Oludele Sunday Kolawole Olumide

We have set the timframe for building personal home at age 35 for youths. Without strategy, wish lists are void. Without adequate planning, man’s wishes suffer failure.

I am optimistic that one day, our timeframe for personal housing project shall be adopted by the youths. One day, the youths will realise that personal home is a project that should precede payment of children school fees. One day, we shall realise that we need a timetable of living to prioritise and plan our individual lives. A time shall come when our individual inputs, lifestyle and positive navigational compass for living will help this nation to advance. Follow me on these series to unlock the potentials of an unprecedented common sense initiative of becoming a landlord before you clock 35 years old.

Your first strategic approach is to accept a target of building your first home latest by age 35. I pity the youths who after this exposé will continue to partner with carelessness and complacence in the journey to convenience and success. With capacity building on my mind, investment in personal home is a onetime budget that one could settle early before other challenges of life start to build up. The incomes that you attract before age thirty five if not utilised in building your personal home, may grow wings and fly away. Many of such do naturally evaporate to thin air if not invested adequately in building a real estate project as personal home. I have seen it happen over and over again. It is a natural phenomenon, don’t think you can outsmart nature without adequate planning.

Your second strategic approach to home ownership therefore is the prudent utilization and channeling of your early incomes to plant a house in the farmland of your life. You will advance in age to harvest your investment. If you wish to maximise your inherent potentials at this stage in life opt to build yourself a personal home before or shortly after marriage. If you can accomplish your first house before age 35, it will ease your journey to greatness later in life, especially during the transition between adulthood and old age. You may not understand this timetable fully until you start to encounter the unexpected interjections of unsolicited events along the pathway of life. As I said, it is a natural phenomenon. As it happens here so it does across the globe.

There are quite a number of issues of life that are coded in these modern days but I shall demystify this subject matter as clear as possible. You may think like many other youths that your insufficient income might not be enough to attack a huge project as building a personal home. You may be totally wrong with this mindset because by consciously creating other streams of income, your income generation capacity might soar.

This takes me to the third strategic approach that will help you to achieve your early landlordship. What you are learning here were products of experience, you can leverage on it to avert the impending doom that awaits overstaying in rental cycle. I wish you do something now that you are enlightened. Knowledge precedes action, you have gained some knowledge, rise to act upon it now.

You may want to speed up in building your home through the expansion of your sources of income and by building another stream of income as a support. We have set up a platform to assist you in this regard. Contributive Synergy is customised to jointly attract passive/residual income through real estate investing portfolio only. It is an outstanding package that will provide the little push to speed up the realisation of your personal dream for your home on target. Membership is through application which is free at this time.

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