Stock Market Review: November 29, 2022

The stock market on Monday closed on a negative note, dropping by 0.25%. Year to date, the market has returned 11.05% with the All Share Index and Market Capitalisation at 47,436.45 points and N25.837 trillion respectively.

In a stock market review with Mr Gilbert Ayoola, the capital market guru shed light on the market performance and gave recommendation on what stocks to watch.


The market opened the week on a low key on Monday with 0.25% decline. What should we expect this week going forward?

The previous week recorded many gainers with many companies adding weight and making percentage gain due to investor’s participation and interest in some of the quoted companies with good fundamentals following their Q3 results.

Looking at this new week in perspective, we should expect a relative price gains in some few companies while at the same shed of prices in some other as we move deep into the days of the week knowing that no stock price remained permanently forever.

As investor, we should begin to look at possible area for re-entering as price will oscillate as a result of profit taking position while the market adjust. Though, the present position from Monday’s trading day is too early to judge its performance and direction of the market. But we might see upward and downward trend within the week.

• What is driving the price of Prestige Assurance and NEM Insurance?

The insurance companies are still low priced. But having to look at both company’s financial books on the basis of their Q3 results, it shows a significant performance, having recorded growth in their Gross premium of 37.48% and 23.89% respectively and improved PBT and PAT. This action has reassured investors to take position considering their low prices which is still less than N10 ahead.

Why is BETA Glass trending down?

The sudden drop in the Beta Glass was as a result of recent bonus of 1 for 5 shares credited into respective CSCS account of their shareholders prompting selloff in order to take profit from bonuses given by the company considering the current price and 52-week low at N39.60.

• Is BUA Cement a good BUY at N76.8?

Bring the second largest cement company along with its nine months performance which indicates revenue growth of 40.5% from N186.91bn to N262.6bn. And a profit before tax stood at N88.81bn and profit after tax stood at N74.01bn respectively. Going by the numbers, it shows that the company has the capacity to further grow its earnings if sustained till Q4. On this basis, the company is still a good BUY considering the present from its 52-week high of N79.00

How attractive is Transcorp at N1.17?

The company spanning is operation from Hospitality, Power, Agriculture, and Oil and Gas sectors look attractive from its Q3 result, recording a 47.7 per cent increase in profit before tax to N20.9 billion higher than N‎14.1 billion when compared to previous period 2021. So, at current price when compared to its dividend yield of N1.7, it’s a BUY recommendation.

What are the stocks to watch?

Likely stock for possible considerations with their persistent performance to hedge against inflation are, Flour Mills, Stanbic-IBTC, NEM, Guinness, AIICO Insurance, United Capital, MTN Nigeria, Dangote Cement. BUA Foods, Zenith Bank, UBA and many more.

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  1. Nigerians should embrace Capital Market for personal and national economic growth .
    I started personal business in 1983 with the merchandising parked shirts , trousers , shoes , belts , ties , golden wrist watches etc Nigerian roads were okay but my frustrations emanated from the custom guys , police along the high ways apart from parting away with a few cash you ended counting or sorting out your items at home behold some items were discovered to have been taken away or removed by the agents of security .
    Outing rhese on display , you’ll be the target of multi variate tax systems .
    As if the above was not enough , friends buy never to pay till today !
    Howexrv, When I started buying stocks over 27 years ago , little did I realize that the NYSC , university MBA class , some churches , youth organizations etc will invite me to share my practical experience with them !

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