Stock market literacy can boost women’s financial future – NGX RegCo

NGX Regulations Limited, the regulatory arm of the Nigerian Exchange Group, has said that stock market literacy has the ability to secure women’s financial future.

This was revealed at the launch of its ‘EquipHER’ initiative at its headquarters in Lagos.

The self-regulatory organisation said, “Empowering women through stock market literacy is a powerful means to achieving financial security. It is not just about growing wealth; it is about ensuring that women have the knowledge and confidence to secure their financial future.”

In her welcome address at the event, the General Counsel of NGX, Dr Irene Robinson-Ayanwale, said, “EquipHER was strategically designed to catalyse substantial change by promoting enhanced participation and presence of women in the Nigerian capital market.

“This theme, ‘Financial Literary and Inclusion For Women’s Economic Growth’ is apt because despite constituting 50 per cent of the population, women are underrepresented in the capital market.”

The Chief Executive Officer of NGX RegCo, Tinuade Awe, in her remarks said, “This is the beginning. This is the outing of EquipHer. There is still a lot to do and we are counting on all of you to do it.”

Also speaking, the first female stockbroker licensed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Mrs Elizabeth Ebi, dismissed notions of the age barrier in the stock market.

She said, “There is nothing like Gen Z, millennials, we are all investors and we all want to build wealth. The first thing is to identify your broker who should be a person of integrity, a professional and who has a long standing in the market because you want good returns, you want your money to grow.

“There is always room for everyone in the market. There are stocks that you can invest in and you have returns in months. Equities have staggered financial year ends; some years end in May, some in December, and some in June. If you are talking about crypto, we can also advise you how to it so to make sure that your money is not lost. Talk to your advisor.”

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