Nigeria’s Pension assets grew to N12.78tn in July

Data obtained from the National Pension Commission revealed that Nigeria’s pension fund assets under the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) have grown to N12.78 trillion in the month of July, 2021. This represents 0.98% growth from N12.657 trillion recorded in the Month of June.

According to the figures available on the website of PenCom, the following, the breakdown of how the funds were deployed can be found below:

  • A total of N8.201 trillion was invested in FGN Securities. This represents 64.17% of the total pension funds. This include FGN bonds, Treasury Bills, Agency Bonds and Sukuk.
  • Investment in Local money market got about N2.109 trillion investment. This represents 16.5% of the total pension funds.
  • A total of N957.74 billion was invested in Corporate Debt Securities. This represents 7.49% of total pension funds.
  • Investment in Domestic Ordinary shares got N862.115 billion. This represents 6.75% of the total pension funds.
  • Investment in Foreign Ordinary Shares got N106.663 billion. This represents 0.83% of the total pension funds.

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