MeCure Industries Plc Unveils Smartphone Track & Trace Solution

MeCure Industries Plc has announced the official implementation of its Track & Trace solution, a program with a cutting edge technology ensuring product safety for its customers.

Given the current pharmaceutical governance landscape, the industry faces a dual imperatives: ensuring the accessibility of life-saving medications while mitigating potential threats such as falsification. The Track & Trace solution emerges as a pivotal solution, playing a critical role in preventing the infiltration of counterfeit drugs into the healthcare supply chain.

MeCure in collaboration with ACG Inspection, a globally recognized Track & Trace Solution provider, has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the regulator by elevating industry standards on patient safety through offering authentication of each product with just a click of any smartphone.  

18 brands within the MeCure portfolio are currently Track & Trace enabled, and all of its 50+ brands will be traceable by the end of first quarter of 2024.

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