How Kids Should Spend Their Holidays

Hi kids and I hope you performed creditably in your third term examinations? If your response is yes, big congratulations to you. In case you did not perform to expectations, the holiday season is to reflect basically on why and how your performance was low and what to do for better results in the new session. Let’s quickly dwell on a few activities for your holiday period.

Please note that the fact that the holiday period is meant to be spent suggests that it is not useless and can yield bountifully if carefully invested or spent. What are you not to do during the holidays?

  • Never idle away by spending your morning till evening watching movies on television. Sleeping off late night with remote control in your hands only to wake up to same so long as there is electricity is a mark of high level unserious kids. Do you know those kids you do watch in one movie or the others on television do earn income? You idle away the time watching some kids of your age bracket on television while they on the other hands are earning income, could you be said to be wise?


  • Holiday season is to rest quite well but there is a level that sleeping and waking up to sleep will get to and it will become laziness. You sure need some rest after some rigorous academic session but do not over do such. Rest when you need to. You are a kid; you need some activities to burn off calories.


  • Interaction with others is very good during the holidays but mind where you go and who you go visit. Our environment is not too friendly with kids these days; ensure you do not go out without informing and seeking approvals from parents. It is always better too to go out in company of an adult.

How to Spend Your Holidays

  • Rest for the first few days to relax your brain. While this is going on, take the time to review the session that just ended. Think of your grades and performances so far to see factors for and against.


  • Even if there are enough maids and cleaners in the house, spend some time during this holiday to get involved in activities around the home. Get involved in the kitchen, bathrooms, mauling the grass in the garden, cleaning the cars and such.


  • Learn to cook even if you are a male child. Watch the way mum and aunties do it and try something out with their supervision


  • Engage in some spiritual activities. Developing that aspect of you early is very important.


  • Take the time to see how technology is changing the way things are being done in your days.


  • Get some books and read. Please note, we are not talking about academic books here but story books, books on fiction and diction to develop your oral English. Get motivational titles. Tell mum or dad to get you books like the richest man in Babylon, think and grow rich, rich dad poor dad and such. Having access to your titles early in life will help develop and to shape your destiny. Let your parents get you books on leadership too. Guess what? Books are readable everywhere. While mum and dad might be driving, you get some books and be reading. The number of such non-academic titles you can read during the holidays will go a long way to help you much later in life.


  • Visit strategic places. If possible, why not go to work with mum and dad to see how the work environment looks like and what they do there? What do you desire to become? Visit such places of practise during the holidays. If you desire to become a lawyer, visit a law firm and a court session. If you desire to become a medical practitioner, visit a hospital. If you desire to become a finance expert, visit a bank. If you desire to become a pilot, visit the airport. If you desire to become an Engineer, you will need to follow dad to the auto mechanic. In all of these places that you might be visiting, asking critical questions makes you a learner.

In this holiday period, ensure you learn a new thing.

This discussion continues next week. Happy holidays to you.

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