You can make it


NAME: IseOluwa Grace Obabolujo

AGE: 11 yrs


ARTICLE TITLE: You can make it

Do you remember the story of Ben Carson, the world youngest neurosurgeon? Still remember his story? He was everything a parent would not wish for in a child. Dull, not intelligent, not cheerful and a coward and so much more. To make matters worse, his mother was an illiterate and a sweeper in the house of a professor. Even though his dad left him, his mother did not allow that to disturb his education.

While Mrs Carson was cleaning a pathway, she bumped into a library and saw lots and lots of books and thought her son can start reading one of those books and so she asked the professor if she could borrow one and give her son to read and prosper. The professor borrowed her some books and so she brought them to her son to start reading. One at a time, he finished reading the books. Ben Carson had on talent he loved so much; he could make use of the knife, gradually, he entered the university to study medicine and before you could count from one to ten, he finished from the university and started performing surgery and before we knew it, he was the world’s youngest neuro surgeon.

So what Im I trying to bring out of this story? I’m trying to bring out an important issue here of how he’s able to tell his own stories, of how he and other surgeons were able to separate a siamese twins. Believe in yourself and also believe in God and you will see that you can make it.

This article was written and published in Stockswatch newspaper five years ago. She resumes this week as a law student in the university. Watch out for more from her in weeks ahead.



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