It Takes One Father … (Part 1)


 Ogbo Awoke Ogbo

Everything you knew is about to explode!

One of the biggest breakthroughs in science is the discovery of epigenetics and cellular memory: Offsprings – from one generation to another – do inherit non genetic information from their parents! A parent’s experiences can be passed down to future generations via an epigenetic tag!

The scientific community still struggles to accept epigenetics. They disrespectfully tag it pseudo-science. However, the Bible is replete with demos of epigenetics. Besides, there are numerous scientific studies if you want to research the phenomenon.

The many times“deliverance pastor” talks about “ancestral spirits” might essentially be epigenetics at work. Just like the Ogbanje “spirituality” wore us down, until the culprit – sickle cell anaemia – was unmasked by science.

Foremost brain scientist, Arlene Taylor, described it this way: “You may be impacted by cellular memory of the past 3-4 generations and you may influence the next 3-4 generations of your biological line.”

Here is a common manifestation I have seen in my own work with hundreds of people: Grandmother had mother out of wedlock; mother had daughter out of wedlock; now, daughter, still a student just had a baby girl – out of wedlock. Three generations, one experience. And if you go closer, you may observe that all incidents happened when they were about the same age … and the men who impregnated them shared almost exact same characteristics. Not neither once nor twice.

I have also seen a string of divorces across generations. Grandmother divorced, mother divorced, all daughters in the family divorced!

Again, I knew an old man who had kept a mistress and had a troubled “love child.” His only son did EXACTLY the same thing and even doubled it – he had two troubled “love children.” The “love son” also repeated the same behavior. And his son’s son is on the same path. It adds a fascinating spin to the aphorism – like father, like son.


All these are not exactly DNA-related

Epigenetics is not all bad news, actually! There is one exciting finding from all the studies: You do not have to be a prisoner of your genes! You can modify your genetic printouts through the instrumentation of your thoughts, habits and your environment! You can design your generations upfront! That is what Papa Rekabite did for his descendants in Jeremiah 35.

What kind of family are you designing, of world changers or of trouble-makers, criminals and kidnappers?


Beliefs Can Alter Genes.

My mother practiced nursing under missionary doctors in the 1960s before the Biafran Genocide. Most of her post-war life was lived as part time nurse and full time teacher. In those days, the villagers never believed that medications in form of capsules, tablets and syrups were strong enough to combat their diseases. Only injections were regarded as potent enough.

Guess what? They never responded to treatment until they were given injections! And guess what the doctors, Mum and other nurses did? They would inject these patients with distilled water – and they instantly got well! It never mattered if it was malaria or migraine. No wonder Jesus would tell those He healed, “Your faith made you whole!” Belief modifies your genes – positively or negatively!

On cellular memory, one of the most stunning phenomena is what happens when people undergo transplant operations and receive organs from others. In her book, A Change of Heart, Claire Sylvia narrated her strange ordeal after a heart and lung transplant.

All of a sudden, she started craving strange foods that she never liked before. After the transplant, she developed extraordinary cravings for beer and chicken nuggets and other strange experiences. Mystified by this, she tracked down the family of her organ donor. It turned out that the donor was a teenage boy who had died in a motorcycle accident. And yes, he did drink lots of beer and ate chicken nuggets!

The donor cells, even after the donor’s death, retained their memories! This is scary.

The summary of my insight in all this is, whatever habits, traits, and preferences I do not want to propagate through my children and the generations after them, I did better not start.

The Bible startled me when it revealed that Levi paid tithe to Melchizedek through Abraham “because when Melchizedek met Abraham, Levi was still in the body of his ancestor.” (Hebrews 7:9-10) Levi was 3 or 4 generations away from Abraham during the encounter with Melchizedek! More than a century before he was born, Levi paid tithe!

What you, as a father, do today can affect four generations after you and beyond. I laugh at the stupidity of Nigerian men in government who defraud the public, lie on oath, cheat and assassinate their opponents. My taxi driver in Abuja showed me a hotel apartment where a Senator keeps one of several mistresses. According to him, it costs N250, 000 a day. I have learnt to listen to taxi drivers – they know what is about town more than a thousand journalists.

Just like Levi watched Abraham and did what he did, hundreds of your unborn offspring are witnessing and gene-copying everything you do today –  Your laziness, fake life and your pathological lying or your diligence, purposefulness and integrity, your procrastination and sloppy excuses or your fulfilled living and smart decision making. They are being copied.

Money rituals, adultery, crime against the community, abuse of power and murder are known to torture family blood lines of people who do such things for generations. Just look around your village and see families laboring under so-called “ancestral curses.” Many saboteur families of the Biafran genocide still carry the curse and guilt of their betrayal.

Meddling with demonic powers is another common source of generational curse. I know a family whose dabbling into spiritism and the occult has wasted three generations and counting.

David’s adultery changed his family forever. Judah’s indiscretion with his daughter-in-law changed his destiny and those of the nations of Perez and Zerah forever!


Be wise! 

What you call fun and ‘one night stand’ today might morph into a humongous mortgage your unborn generations must settle.

Esau thought he was eating an ordinary porridge – and found out later, regrettably, that he ate his destiny.

And yes, I know that God told Ezekiel that every soul will bear his own sins … but that has not repealed the law of generational inheritance and epigenetics.

In Christ, thankfully and mercifully, there is total freedom from the epigenetics of your past, your present and your future. For he whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

I love you. Be healthy, wealthy and wise!




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