Retirement Beyond Money


The Five Essentials to More Fulfilling Life

It is an extant error to think, believe and live in the realm that life is all about money. As much as it is very useful to life and living, planning life to revolve round money and all that it can buy alone is inimical to successful living in comfort and happiness. Hello, money is not all there is to life hence; retirement planning should be broader than mere working towards amassing a certain amount now against a future use as commonly being propagated by retirement experts. To this end, to my mind, every retirement planning should of necessity incorporate future happiness even if it is in prosperity or not.

Money can buy you a water bed but not a good sleep. Living all alone in a palatial apartment can only lead to early death in retirement. Savouring the taste of a sumptuous meal all alone is as useless as one can imagine. Your retirement can only be fulfilling to the level of able men and women to keep company and able hands to lend supports beyond the limits of money or all it- money can buy.

I seldom move around the estate where I live. I do not envy some retirees really. Of course they today live in a highbrow area, for pleasure, they do drive high end cars but it is apparent that they are lonely. I perceived they planned their retirement all around money and all that money can buy, leaving behind, other critical and much more important aspect of life. In a nutshell, in addition to wealth accumulation in retirement planning, I make bold to recommend the followings.

1.     Build People:

Man was the last creation of God but sure the most important. In other words, God created all factors of production through which money can be generated before He created man. This by far places human above every other things on earth. The principle is yet to change. Your life is only as important as the number of lives you are able to re-create- touch. Far more than money, the people you once worked with that you helped to climb the management ladder, those you counselled when in distress and those you defended against oppression are those that will stand by you in your own seasons when you have plenty of money but in need of so many that money cannot buy. By my estimation, touching lives is an integral part of retirement planning but rather unfortunately, this aspect of living is often neglected.

I often marvel when I see bosses that are unnecessarily wicked to subordinates as if such a lower officer was not a creation of God. Please note that God did not create a worthless being. Treating a fellow with disdain as if blood is not flowing in such a fellow’s vein is the height of inhumanity. It is commonly said among elders in my village that the most seemingly useless or worthless fellow today will have just one day of relevance. Guess what? You never can tell the when and the pattern of such relevance.

To retire well and happy, build people, impact lives, help people in all ways you could. Do this without aiming for any immediate compensation. Do it consciously and to everyone that ever comes across your path. Give money when you can, counsel when the need arises, bring laughter to the faces of people, wipe their tears. Let people be free at your sight, let the mention of your name and presence enliven. Live to lift peoples’ soul and spirit. More than saving money for the future, saving all these will sure yield far more than any Money Manager can ever return in the long run. Truth is, when and how you might not be able to tell but you will reap in due course.

Thinking of a legacy to bequeath? Sow in the lives of people you have dealings with. Are you currently holding a position of authority and influence? If you remember that you will one day retire from such, be nice to everyone. At that, you can be rest assured that when they become, you will in-turn earn from such vital investments.

2.     Build A Family:

Leaving a family un-built to concentrate on financial planning for the purpose of living prosperously in retirement is a travesty of the highest level. Look around and you will see such unfortunate financially comfortable men in retirement today that are lonely, not because they were never married or have children but while being consumed with the passion of building a nest egg for retirement purposes, they neglected the affairs of their wife and also, the children. Blood is thicker than money and when and where money fails, the family should be at hand to supply the needful. Please remain committed to your brothers, your sisters, wife and children in the process of planning for your tomorrow because one way or the other, these people will also still remain an integral part of that tomorrow.

I know from experience that some disappointments abound in the process of being responsible to the family, why not just do your best and leave the rest in the hands of posterity?

3.     Build Your Children

No matter their ages and sex, please ensure that you consciously build your offspring up. Build them up to achieve academic excellence. Build them up to be responsible not just to themselves but to humanity in general. Be their instructors and not just leave the issues of their lives to the Teachers. Build your children up to value life. Let them know the importance of life and living. Teach them about financial management. See to their spirituality. Be a total parent whose children will always look forward to for the best counselling at any age. Stop being a terror to your kids just because you want them to be the best possible. In other words, building your kids will require the right attitudes and approach otherwise, they could be lost forever. Show your wife and children love and never deny them the average goodies of life all in the name of retirement planning. If all that your children can remember about you is your stinginess to their affairs and needs, this will count against you when it is their turn to see to your plight which might not necessarily be financial but a visit with your grandchildren once in a while.

4.     Build Spiritual Association:

I was, just a few weeks back speaking with an elderly friend who told me he does not believe in God. To me, that is not an issue but truth is that whether he does believe or not changes nothing. Guess what? Any time his children wanted to get married, it is done in the church. The spiritual association you keep in retirement can to a large extent keep you active, going and create the required company for you. Joining others in worship could just be all that you need sometimes. From experience, I can tell that keeping the right spiritual association can be rewarding, fulfilling and helpful in times of needs and distress beyond finance. I was with a 75 years old retired Medical Doctor in his country home just last month and I observed that staying indoors only to stroll to the church in the evening can be soothing. Retirement is such a period you can create more time to research into spirituality and discover the best of the Creator.

5.     Build Social Association:

The right social association sure has its benefits. Of course, there are such that might be advisable. Make friends, meet people of different colour, age bracket, sex and culture will broaden your scope of life. Such might create an easy route to visiting other places in the near future at little or no cost. Being rigid and

In conclusion, building a good financial base for your retirement planning is a sure way to living well ‘financially’ in retirement. If you leave all these other areas unattended to, the consequences might be unimaginable at the time it would have been too late to correct the anomalies.

I wish you luck!



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