Profitable Engagements for Kids during Holidays (2)

Hi kids and I do hope you are still very much enjoying your holidays? In our last discussions here, in the bid of keeping ourselves busy and profitably engaged during this long holiday, we started by considering a few ventures a young girl and boy could be involved in. In this discussion, we shall still be looking at some more. It is hope that this guides you well enough to act responsibly.

  1. Cleaning Services: Such services everywhere in the world are money spinning but rather unfortunately, only very few people do consider such because it is not considered as a white collar job. In our country here, late Otunba Gadaffi was a Lagos socialite, adequately educated and a friend of the rich and affluence in our society but yet, a cleaning service provider. He modernised sanitary collection business and was successful at it. For all you know, many Nigerians are overseas engaging in cleaning services with their masters’ degrees. Learning what such entails and even engaging in such during your holiday period instead of staying idle will only fetch you some income now but will also make you an employer of labour going forward. Other related services include dry cleaning and home cash wash. Please note that the home car wash services are only suitable for the male folk.


  1. Real Estate Marketing: Real estate business is vast, you can just on a segment of it and work on. As a kid, you might not have funds and time but if you go round estates around Lagos or wherever you might be across the country, you will see houses for sale. Do you now you can get the details and talk to those you know might be in such needs around you? You could even begin to do such marketing on social media. Besides, there is this misconception that you can’t start real estate business unless big funds are involved. All you need is a savings plan first and thereafter a mentor to put you through the various investment opportunities in that sector of the economy. A simple type is to enter into an area still regarded by many today as bush but with proximity to a major landmark that might affect development in few years. Buy acres with the little in your hands as deposit. Do the survey and commence your marketing. For all you know, some of the big real estate development companies you see around started that way and are still largely in such business. Guess what? If the Lagos market is seemingly congested, why not try Ibadan, Akure, Abeokuta and other places. You might just be surprised. Shelter is a basic necessity of life that will never lose value or patronage.


  1. Network Marketing: Many multi-level marketing structures had collapsed, many sure will still end like that too but then, new ones keep surfacing. With little start up capital and your marketing skill, lots of money is in the making. Few of the successful ones include Avenue to Wealth, Forever living, Organo gold, Trevo, Green world and such.


  1. Agric Business: This is one business that will never go out of fashion but unfortunately, it is a business that kids and youths generally shy away from. For all you know, the cost of take off is so little and government assistance in some states comes easily. Areas of concentration include cassava plantation, poultry and fish farming among others.



  1. Export: With little training, you can start the business of export and grow it far into the future. Please note that you don’t need to have travelled out of the shores of the country to start. You don’t also need to incorporate more than a mere business name instead of looking for funds to incorporate a limited liability company. To get your take of capital, start the savings early enough. You can also combine resources with one or two of your friends and family members. Items such as charcoal, wood etc are in high demand without the country.


I’m sure one of these should suit your make up. In case there is none, the onus is therefore left for you to reason out a business you can start in your twenties. If you fail to do so, then be prepared to learn how to write CVs and attend job interviews. Good luck.




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