Profitable Engagements during Holidays

Hi kids and I hope you are enjoying this period of your holidays but guess what? There are lots of ways you could spend the few weeks at your disposal before school resumes.

Please note that this break period is all a part of your life here on planet earth and in the real sense of it, it counts as much as the period you spend in the school and on active academic activities. In another vein, the break is designed for you, to rest a bit from rigorous academic activities but definitely not on basic life activities that could add up to meaningful living ahead of you. If you end up wasting this break period, you will be wasting too precious weeks of your life.

The practicality of what I’m suggesting here will depend on your age bracket but if you follow those simple tips, you will be glad you did. During the long vacation, ensure you learn some businesses that can become part of you as you grow up. Please find some below.

SOCIAL MEDIA AND ICT RELATED BUSINESSES: In school, your access to telephone might be limited but I guess this would definitely not be so while on break. Why not deploy this opportunity to make use of the telephone by starting a project that can lead you into the future?

 Social media and ICT related activities aren’t just the business for today but for the future. As technology changes, it gives rooms for great opportunities to enterprising kids and youths who can challenge self by thinking out of the box. Your fellow kids and youths might be on Facebook on the average, three to eight hours a day pinging, you can develop a social media marketing business, grow it over time for good patronage. You can be a kid blogger by just gathering information and gists, create a discussion forum and such on your areas of interests. You can be rest assured that advertisers will on their own surface when the blog becomes popular, may be not now but in few years to come. Web design, content management and related services are easy way on starting a great business into the future. Please note that you don’t need to be a graduate of computer science to do this.

BUYING AND SELLING: Particularly if you find that you have marketing skill, don’t waste it; instead, make moves to sharpen it. A big time business woman in our village today actually started by hawking groundnuts back in days. In fact, her groundnut selling trade became her name as she was fondly called Afusa elepa- Afusa the groundnut seller. The lady in question is a big time textile dealer today. Yours does not need to be groundnut but groceries, toys, games and such that you kids of your age bracket will like and need. Who even says you can’t sell to uncles and aunts? All you need do is go to big time stores, get a collection of their items and hawk using personal contacts. You might be surprised that you will become big time importer in few years and might never have need applying for employment anywhere. Wrist watches, shoes and other fashion accessories are products that are easily marketable. Phones and computer related products with electronics can also be relative.

INSURANCE PRODUCTS: This is often overlooked and in fact underrated in our clime but truth is that big and free money is locked in there. Do you know there are so many houses in your neighbourhood that are not insured? Truth is that Daddies and Mummies will listen to a young chap of your age asking to know whether their homes are insured or not? Guess what? The religious part of most Nigerians might even take it that God is speaking through you and will act.

All you need do is get connected with an insurance firm, know what they do and the how to, acting as their kid-agent sounds nice. Don’t you think so? But where are these insurance firms? That becomes the duty of Dad and Mum or Uncle.

Guess what? Starting costs nothing. Your marketing starts from your immediate environment like your neighbours like I earlier said, church members, family friends among others. You might join a gym club or be a ball boy in any of the big clubs to build contacts. Building a career in insurance is profitable if that’s your goal.

The list is sure longer than this. Let’s meet again next week.

Good luck

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