Make Me a Landlord: The Common Sense Approach For Youths (2)


Oludele Sunday Kolawole Olumide

I continue this series from where I stopped in our last edition. The best time to start thinking and taking actions on land acquisition and building of a personal home is when parents and relatives are still treating you as an upcoming young individual.

It is relatively not perfect enough to start struggling with the task of building your house when you assume the position of a breadwinner in the family. Not when friends, neighbours and family members have discovered your full potentials. Not when the responsibilities of parenting are mounting up on you. Not when the responsibilities of having a good family is in full force in your agenda. To become a landlord is best to be on top of your agenda after your basic educational pursuits.

If I knew that early to bed, and early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy and wise I would have opted to become a landlord before I was distracted and beclouded by challenges of life.

If I knew, I would have converted my youthful industrious energy to a better resource that could secure me a landlord status early. Not for show off but because it is a necessity of life.

If I knew that the market demand on individuals is at its peak between age 20 and 35, I would have maximised the income that I made within that stage of my life to secure an accommodation before I entered into the parenting race.

If I knew that marriage means immediate responsibility for procreation, I would have targeted to build my personal house first or into my first two years in marriage.

If I knew, childbearing is an invitation to school fees that will span between kindergarten to university without break on each child, I would have knocked off the necessity of building my first house before I ventured into parenting.

If I knew that to combine the need to provide quality education to my children with the other responsibilities of life at a stretch could be daunting, I would have opted for a one time knockoff investment of building myself a home first. If I did a simple calculation that each of my children will need six years in the nursery and primary school plus another six years in both junior and senior secondary schools and another four to seven years in the higher institution before I could sigh for some level of relief, I would have sincerely reshuffled my approach to life as a youth.

If I knew that my initial plan to buy, renovate, demolish or rebuild a house around where I was residing in Lagos was a wrong approach to early landlordship, I would have gone early to buy a land in the suburbs before the rates skyrocketed.

If I knew that my efforts to build my business first could be jeopardised by unknown forces of nature I would have soughed for the reality in real estate by building myself a home during the early business boom in my career. That would have provided an amount of security for my business.

…To be continued

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