LOVE AND STRESS LESS- Lakeshia Ekeigwe


I have been speaking to many women lawyers, just like you, who are feeling stressed and worn out.

There are lots of ‘to dos’ but you never seem to make the list. You feel as though the passion and drive you once had in your life has vanished. As a result, you do not feel motivated or even able to focus on anything beyond what must necessarily be done as part of your daily routine.

You may feel lost, confused and defeated and wonder why. Well, don’t.

You simply cannot feel passionate, motivated or focused on your life, goals, and dreams when you are stressed out and exhausted. It just isn’t possible. All of your energy is expended on getting through the day . . . every day . . . only to wake up the next day and do it all over again.

I sincerely want you to love more and stress less. I believe it is urgent that you do so.

Certain studies on chronic stress in women have found that a working mother with 2 children can produce Cortisol (the ‘stress hormone’) levels as high as a soldier in active combat. Sobering, isn’t it? There is a reason why heart disease kills more women than all forms of cancer combined.

Perhaps you or someone you know is battling health issues related to the level of stress they are under. Maybe, just maybe, things would be different had they been encouraged to love more and stress less.

Working with lawyers from different backgrounds and circumstances for nearly 30 years now, I have uncovered a little-known secret that will help you love more and stress less.

It is simply this:


How can you love yourself more?

You can begin by listening to the inner messages your mind and heart regularly send you.

Messages like these:

STRESS – (I am drowning. I feel lost. I can’t handle all of this. I need help.)

ANGER – (This is HURTING me and I need it to stop!)

FEAR – (What will happen next and will I be OK?)

Many women push down these messages so they can push through yet another stressful day.

Have you ever done that? Are you doing it right now?

Over time, you will come to understand that messages like these refuse to be silenced. And, in fact, tend to speak loudest when the world around you is most quiet . . . often keeping you awake at night.

You can love yourself more and stress less by giving voice to those messages and getting really clear about creating solutions to the truths they are revealing.

Take time to identify exactly what your mind and heart are telling you.

  • Get clear on why you may be feeling lost or like you are drowning.
  • Get clear on what is hurting you and making you feel angry.
  • Get clear on what you are afraid of and why.

You will be amazed at how doing so will increase your joy and reduce your stress.

Lakeshia Ekeigwe coaches women lawyers to create lives they LOVE!



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