Life is Never for Ever

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The fundamental or inherent message in retirement is the transient nature of life. Retirement is an expression of life’s true lessons that a young man/woman will one day become very old, the healthy can become sickly and that leadership position, no matter how long it is held will one day be transferred. Retirement summarises the trueness that life is never forever.   In that wise, life should be lived in that consciousness and adequate plans made, well ahead in consonance with these realities.

Financial Managers will always narrow down the essence of life and living to abilities to cope with financial matters as if money is the only source of happiness but alas, the saying that the rich also cry has been proven to be true in all ages.

We touched on the need to build people, a family, and the children. Others are the social and spiritual associations all in addition to building nest eggs. I make bold to unequivocally state that these are non-destructive part of the entire retirement process. How do I mean?

Life and living in money-based retirement planning is never going to be a function of your expedient savings during the active years but the product of luck as dictate of economic realities. The Nigerian capital market had been down almost ten years, Lekki has been flooded this year, hurricane Harvey is currently ravaging Texas while Benue state in Nigeria is currently under water. These are life occurrences that will definitely reduce the quality and quantities of savings anytime they occur. How well do you think you can plan well enough for these? What if natural disaster occurs near you in retirement and there is no hand of succour? Build your nest eggs but do more to be assured of happiness in retirement.

6.  BE A LEADER AND NOT A BOSS: I’ve witnessed a case where a former General Manager to a subordinate in a public enterprise remained a General Manager in that same organisation while that subordinate in question grew to become a Commissioner to oversee the enterprise where he was formally a staff. In effect, his former boss had no choice than to accord him due respects. Have you ever thought of the possibilities of you still returning as consultant, in an organisation where you were once a big shot and would have your former subordinates now to approve your proposals, sign your cheques and supervise your jobs? Think about this. You sure have no fears if you were a leader but the payback period is at hand if you were a boss. Live life to lead and not to ‘boss’ and you will live in happiness in retirement irrespective of your nest egg. A leading leader is that fellow, who, in understanding that there is an unknown tomorrow, considers the emotions of others in all relationships at all times. A boss does not give a damn because his or her demented reasoning does not see beyond money and what it can buy.

Hello, are you currently an executive somewhere? If your transfer from a department to another ever brings joy to the faces of your subordinates in the previous office, you will never be happy in retirement. Are you moving from one location to another and the people under you in the former office are in jubilation? Take the time to gather the whole resources, build your nest eggs to the skies, you are doomed in retirement. The law of creation is indicative of the fact that the creature must take after the creator. If money is all you know how to create and not people, when the need arises, you will have the money but lacking in people as resources.

What quantity or percentage do you accumulate to yourself all alone whenever there are benefits to share between you and your subordinates? A boss will take the lion share thereby leaving a fraction to the rest while a leader will make do with the fraction and leave the greater proportion for the majority to share. Please note that the much you cede to the subordinates today is part of your retirement savings plans though in people instead of any financial product. Please note that from such seeds will come birthday gifts on yearly basis in retirement, favour to your kids now and in the future and other forms of aids beyond money.


  • When your subordinates come to your birthday celebrations empty handed or with low profile gifts below their known capacities, your measure is low. If you impact them, tangible gifts will definitely be offered. Why is this so? If your subordinates could come to your birthday or any other celebrations while you are in active service empty handed, in retirement, you will never see any of such fellows at your birthday or any celebrations.
  • What is the worth or kinds of Christmas gifts that you do get yearly? If all that you can see are Christmas cards, you are worthless to your subordinates. If all they do is send you new month, new year greetings by text messages, be sure that you will forgotten in retirement.
  • How often, while you are in active service do your subordinates gather round you when you are in distress, lost someone dear to you, had an accident and such? That is a measure of the number that will probably be pained when you are dead.
  • What is the level of reception of your subordinates to your kids or wife at anytime?

All these and more are the critical measures of the potential relationship between you and your subordinates when you are out of service. The best that could happen to you is to have people that you related with over the years all around you when you are eventually out of service.


  1. WORK SMART:Even in organisations where you are the starter, you are not bound to remain forever. A smart worker is that fellow who seizes every opportunity in a workplace to assist, benefit and aid another- a fellow worker or a customer.

Someone recently narrated a story of how he worked so well to get patronage from an organisation through a friend of his who was directly in charge of procurement to me. According to him, all the efforts and relationship were useless as his friend was blunt and never assisted even once. After three years, that friend was prematurely retired. Guess what? He was with the friend he failed to assist while he was in active service, seeking some forms of assistance. Doing well to all within the limit of your capability is also is a part of your retirement planning. Why not use your current office to build people all around you instead of being proud in being blunt and bothers less about the emotions of others? You are being called- on telephone today because you are relevant but alas, you are such that ignore calls and calls the bluff of the caller. You are also fond of not returning to text messages. These are also an integral part of your retirement planning.

Need I say more? Build your next eggs but people beyond money. Good luck.




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