Julius Berger Records N131bn as Revenue, Improves EPS by 9.28% in 2019 HY Report

Julius Berger (Nigeria) is one of the largest African building and civil engineering works groups with net sales break down by activity as follows:

– infrastructure construction (52.4%): bridges, roads, highways, railways, tunnels, water infrastructure, power plants, industrial sites, etc.;

– building construction (42.3%): homes, commercial buildings, administrative buildings, hotels, hospitals, sports and leisure, airports, etc.;

– services (5.3%): buildings and infrastructures engineering, upkeep and maintenance services, handling and logistics services.

Net sales break down by type of income into income from contracts of construction under concession of infrastructures and buildings (95.3%) and income from sales of products and services (4.7%).

According to its Half year Results released to the market on Thursday 25th July, 2019 the Revenue for the period improved by 80.33% to N131.7bn when compared with N73bn recorded same period in 2018.

The company grew its Half Year bottom line Figures by 9.28% to settle at N2.834bn away from N2.594bn recorded same period in 2018.

The shareholders’ earnings per share added 18kobo to stand at N2.15 which is about 9% better than the previously reported N1.97 EPS of the last same period in 2018.

The PE Ratio is at 8.43x at a reference price of N18.10 and earnings yield of 11.87% as at the day of computation.


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