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AKOJENU AND ORANYE, both students of Yaba College of Technology, Lagos takes the Stockswatch team through their thoughts on what they described as the ‘biggest investment’.

The potential is incredible; the task is amazing; and the time is promising to proceed further on the journey called human development.

There is a popular song that says “Parent listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow, try to pay our school fees and give us sound education” The lyrics of this song connotes that the quality of education has a long way to go in shaping the future of an individual and a nation. It is an investment today and an assurance for tomorrow.

Education is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, belief, and habit. Education has been described as a mode through which an individual obtains the requisite physical and social abilities or competences needed for the development of personal, communal and national development.  The crucial role of education in the overall development of a nation cannot be overemphasized. It has been established that no country can develop beyond her educational level. The realization of the economic development, advancement or independence of any nation is a function of the educational capacity of the working class i.e., the youth or the decision makers of that nation.

Education remains the powerful weapon that can be used to change nation’s economic growth. Education is the best legacy any parent can give to his ward because it brings out the innate ability and skills in the ward to apply in solving any problem in human endeavor for growth and development. It is therefore seen as an investment. This shows that for any nation to have sustainable development, it must invest heavily in education. This is one of the reasons why the importance of education will continue to receive the attention of all stakeholders at local, state and federal levels in Nigeria. Therefore there is great need for Nigerian government to invest in education.

According to Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”.

The government of the day needs to invest more in education. They need to make the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, belief and habits comfortable at all levels.

Adequate power supply is needed as requirement for conducive learning. As of date the Nigerian Tertiary Institutions does not have a stable power supply, however with the way things are right now, if only stable electricity can be supplied to all tertiary institutions in Nigeria, there will be a whole lot of improvements  in the educational sector.

Also Nigerian government needs to understand that in growing and ensuring the best for the economy, there is need to invest more in the area of training and development center for acquisition of skills.

Vox Populi


Along with your educational pursuit, did you learn about investment?

We were taught Small Business as an elective course in school. They taught us about SMEs and how to generate funds.

Can you describe what you ever learnt about investment?

Creating opportunity, and engaging in transaction for the purpose of making profit. I have been involved in tutorial business. I engage one or two students and teach them for a fee in other to make money.

What savings options are available in the Nigeria banking system?

Savings option in Nigeria banks include children education fund, savings account, and current account.

What do you want authority of your institutions to include in investment education?

The government should invest more in education. Trainings and development centers should be sited in schools as part of facilities that would aid learning.


Can you describe what you ever learnt about investment?

Investment involves putting resources in a project in other to generate good returns. I also understand investment as government injecting resources in the education sector for the future of the country.

What savings options are available in the Nigeria banking system?

I know of Aspirant, it is a kind of savings account for students by Zenith Bank. They give bonuses to students who run this account.

What do you want authority of your institutions to include in investment education?

School fees should be reduced to encourage education. Conducive and larger halls should be built in schools to accommodate students during lectures. The government should work on Power, absence of electricity affects students in their studies.


Tosin Salako:

What do you understand about investment?

Investment is putting into your life something that would yield greater returns. I see it as keeping or saving something or trying to impact something so that on the long run it brings something more and bigger. For me, the greatest investment is investing in human life; it means you are building a generation.

What savings options are available in the Nigeria banking system?

Fixed deposit account and Savings account.

What do you think the government should do about investment in education?

Government should pay more attention to funding education. Every other sector in the economy including health, technology have their bases in education. Countries that are dominating the world today pay premium on education. You will always find out that Nigerians would go abroad to study and would be top in Education. So what is wrong with the system at home where our education system is not working is a big concern. That is to show us that Nigerians have the capacity to be the best in terms of education. We need to develop and improve the standard of education. The government should look into the education curriculum and see how to come up with something relevant to what we are pursuing as a nation.




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