Innovative insurance package will attract clients–Gadzekpo

Matthew Otoijagha
Ghana’s Insurance industry should see increased penetration with the introduction of more innovative insurance packages. This is the assertion of CEO of Enterprise Group, Keli Gadzekpo.
According to him, the low insurance penetration levels of the country can be reversed if the insurance industry comes up with policies that are tailored to meet the specific needs of people. Speaking on the matter, Mr. Gadzekpo was of the view that insurance policies such as funeral packages will help increase the number of insurance holders in the country.
Mr. Gadzekpo made these comments at the sidelines of the launch of Transitions Funeral Home.
The Enterprise Group has partnered Transitions Funeral Home, to launch a comprehensive funeral management wing to offer efficient and effective funeral arrangements for the dead with the provision of all funeral necessities.
The ultramodern facility, which houses all the needs for funeral celebrations, comes with hearses, caskets showroom, embalming room, a mortuary, a three hundred and sixteen expandable capacity Chapel and reception facilities.
The General Manager of Transitions Funeral Home, Jodene Smith said the high cost of organizing funerals in Ghana should be reversed if the funeral home sector attracts more investments and well regulated.
She noted that, the company provides pre-funeral services, an insurance product suitable for the needs of an individual and a family.
Madam Smith noted that the services provided by the company included embalming, washing, dressing, beautification, a hearse service, a Chapel and reception facilities among others saying, the company puts everything together as a package.
She stated that, at the time of death, the client or family member needed to call and inform Transitions Funeral Home and they would be available to move the departed to the premises of the funeral home for further and better preparation towards the funeral celebrations.
She said the company, which had been in operation since 2012, had provided services to many families.
Jodene Smith urged the public to choose Transition for a bouquet of funeral products and services.
Mr. Keli Gadzekpo, said Transitions was a very significant addition to the range of products and services because as a company, “we want to be at your advantage from cradle to grave, thus when you are born to when you depart.  We set the Transitions up so that you will not have to worry about the many things you have to do in preparing for a funeral.
To benefit from the range of services provided, there are two options; thus buying an assurance policy in preparation for the unfortunate or as soon as it happens, you call the Transitions team and the services will be delivered.”
Mr. Gadzekpo urged other potential investors who may join the funeral management industry to approach it with all dignity because the bereaved families were most vulnerable during the incidence of death.


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