Fitness Check: How to Identify Dependent Adults from Childhood



Hi kids, your being a child today is a given but what you will become in adulthood is your own choice. Guess what? There are only two possibilities in adulthood, it is either that you become a leader or you end up as being a part of the led. Please note this, leaders are more as business owners while dependants do end up as employees.

You and another child might be of same age and even attend same school today, do you know you can actually build yourself up such that you will end up employing that other child in adulthood to pay his or her salaries? Salary payers are the boss while salary earners are the subordinate no matter the level of the salary. It is always better to build yourself up to build business and pay salaries. That is far better than earning salaries.

As adults in employment, leaders are the decision makers while the dependants are the instruction takers. Be a leader and not mere instruction taker. The journey starts now.

When you become an adult you will discover that leaders are in the minority. In other words, they are always few in numbers whereas, those underneath the employment ladder are always more in numbers. They compete more with themselves and their positions are not always secured.

Your best bet is to develop yourself from now that you are still a child to be dependently minded and grow to become a leader of influence.  Let me quickly show you the attributes of kids that will most probably grow to become a laggard, they are otherwise referred to as ‘my parents will do it for me kids.’

The Life and Times of ‘My Parents Will Do It For Me Kids’

  1. Servanthood Mentality: Because the mind set is primarily, though unconsciously developed to depend- on parents in the early stages of life, kids with ‘my parents will do it for me’ mentality do often remain bound by such limitations for the rest of their lives. In other words, they will most probably look for who to depend on for the rest of life for critical decisions except when and if the syndrome is ridded. They are slow and sluggish in making up their minds and when they do, they get it all wrong. If you are reading this and would yield to this clarion call, youths that are brought up to solely depend on parents for everything early in life often develop into adulthood to fit only for the labour market and rarely grow to become entrepreneurs because, they are not often rugged enough to undergo the rigours of entrepreneurial endeavours. Have you also seen anyone who faltered and chickened out in the process of becoming a business owner? The foundation in ‘my parents will do it for me syndrome’ might be the major issue. Growing up like a jelly fish will not breed an adult with a lion heart. In other words, youths with total dependency on parents are forever confined to observing certain rules, obey instructions and are given to work under series of supervision for lack of the initiative to rise above mediocrity. They posses multiple degrees in relevant varied fields with good grades from frontline institutions but they lack the initiative to back the certificates up. We today in our societies see first class students working for and taking directives from dropouts and graduates with lower grades. It is all in the syndrome. That’s why youths will queue for interview and some lose their lives in the process of seeking employment in the civil service.

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