FBN Holdings boosts Q3’20 profit by 31.71% to N68.16bn

The much anticipated Q3 earnings of First Bank of Nigeria Holdings for the period ended 30 September 2020 was published on Friday.

The big elephant in nine months achieved Gross Earnings of N439 billion, up by 5.29% year on year from the Gross Earnings of N417 billion in Q3’19.

FBNH grew its profit after tax (PAT) by 31.71% to N68.156 billion from the PAT of N51.747 billion.

Earnings per share for the period under review grew to N1.9 from the EPS of N1.44 in Q3’19, which translates to 31.71% growth year on year.

At the share price of N7.45, P.E ratio of FBNH stands at 3.92x with earnings yield of 25.49%.

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